Carving of an ancient WikiMercenary. The container on her head symbolizes the great stores of knowledge she holds.

A WikiMercenary is a wandering Wikipedian in search of work. Not to be confused with WikiKnights who know their purpose, WikiDragons who design their own purpose, or WikiOtters who find purpose in projects needing assistance, WikiMercenaries aimlessly roam Wikipedia, offering their assistance to anyone who needs help.


WikiMercenaries tend to frequent pubs and taverns, listening to the conversations of others. If they overhear someone in need of help, the WikiMercenary will extend the hand of friendship and offer their services. However, WikiMercenaries rarely take jobs they do not find interesting or do not have a personal opinion of. Although their loyalties are shaky in regards to other WikiFauna, WikiMercenaries always act in the best interests of Wikipedia, and so they only lend their services to those who do the same. A WikiTroll or a WikiKraken may request the WikiMercenary's services, but they will likely be turned down. In fact, some WikiMercenaries take up contracts on their own to fight the beasts without being asked.

WikiMercenaries ultimately wish to improve upon Wikipedia like so many other WikiFauna, but they lack particular expertise in any one area to commit to it. Thus, WikiMercenaries tend to specialize in a broad variety of areas. They are knowledgeable in Wikipedia's rules and codes of conduct, so that they may call upon them when needed. They also have a great deal of general knowledge and may know WikiScholars who specialize in one area. A WikiMercenary must be proficient in a variety of fields so that they may handle any contract offered. A WikiMercenary with poor or few skills is a WikiMercenary who won't find work. WikiMercenaries are thus called in to act as mediators and solve disputes, by providing obscure lore and knowledge or citing Wikipedia's rules. WikiMercenaries greatly appreciate being rewarded for their services, which can include barnstars from the client, help from the client in a matter the WikiMercenary themselves is troubled with, and so forth. WikiMercenaries sometimes do business with each other, one offering the other their services as payment.

Although they frequent social places, WikiMercenaries themselves are quiet loners. Because their loyalties are uncertain, there may be any number of Wikipedians bearing a grudge against the WikiMercenary, referring to them with slurs like "WikiAssassins", or "WikiHitmen". However, these are simple misinterpretations of the WikiMercenary's otherwise honorable intentions. Due to such negative attitudes, WikiMercenaries prefer to do business with clients personally rather than in public, to keep themselves safe. WikiMercenaries are clandestine beings, and although they may seem shifty and shady, they know the contract is binding. Once a WikiMercenary offers their services, they will complete their end of the bargain without fail, lest their reputation tarnish. However, while a WikiMercenary will complete their contract loyally, once they collect their fee they depart to find more work as their business is concluded.


One may identify oneself by using the userbox below:

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  This user is a WikiMercenary.

One may identify other WikiMercenaries by the behavioural traits described above, or by the presence of the aforementioned userbox.