We's watchin' yous.

A WikiGoon is a Wikipedia user who keeps the place clean. He does stuff like whacking vandalism and kneecapping the vandals that do it. Most of the WikiGoons keep quiet except when they got to "talk" to a vandal. Some WikiGoons don't do nothing else but that; some do other stuff.

WikiGoons won't give you a problem if you don't give them one, capisce?

How to identify WikiGoonsEdit

WikiGoons don't normally advertise, if you know what I mean, but you can tell when one's been around. Usually you see vandals limping around or rolling on the ground because they got kneecapped by a WikiGoon. Either that, or you see a note on the page the vandalism got whacked.

Howeva, there are some Goons who advertise usin' this userbox: {{wikigoon}}

 This wise guy user is a WikiGoon.


.....Eh, we know people that know people that can get "jobs" done, if you know what I mean.