A Wiki fairy (WikiFairy), or Wiki faerie (WikiFaerie, Wikifærie), is a type of WikiFauna who beautifies Wikipedia by organizing messy articles, improving style, or adding color and graphics. Some WikiFairies create new articles or affect the substantive content of the articles they edit; others enjoy beautifying articles by clearing up confusing footnotes or references, standardizing format, or by organizing images for balance. Their goals are harmony and visual pleasure for articles.

The last surviving depiction of a WikiFairy

WikiFairies are considered essentially friendly creatures, like WikiGnomes and WikiElves, and unlike WikiTrolls or WikiOrcs.

How to identify WikiFairiesEdit

The list of Wikipedians who consider themselves WikiFairies is located here.

If you consider yourself to be a WikiFairy, and would like to show it, you can add one of the userboxes   {{User wikipedia/WikiFairy}}   or   {{User WikiFairy}}   to your userpage to advertise your WikiFairy qualities.

If your page has been touched by a WikiFairy, and you'd like a box for that, you can display: {{User:UBX/WikiFairy}}.

If you prefer not to use userboxes, you can list your user page in the WikiFairy category by placing the following tag at the bottom of your page: [[Category:Wikipedian WikiFairies|{{subst:PAGENAME}}]].

Another way for a WikiFairy to identify themselves is to display a fairy at the top of the page next to the User's name. The following code should produce a small fairy at the top of the page {{Wikipedia:WikiFairy/topicon}}. To make use of the two optional parameters, the horizontal and vertical positions respectively, the default coordinates are (30, 8).