A WikiWitch, preparing to open a portal

A WikiWitch is a capricious creature whose devotion to arcane knowledge overshadows their every act. Everything they do is for the growth of the arcane.


In their devotion to the arcane, they may seem similar to other WikiFauna. And, indeed, as a WikiWitch can spend days doing nothing more than mixing potions, organising their spell book and similar chores, they can be confused for WikiFairies. A WikiWitch will even devote days to such powerful magic as opening a portal or creating a new spell.

What sets a WikiWitch apart, though, is their willingness to defend their work. They have no fear of WikiTrolls and other villains and, like their counterparts, the WikiWizards (not to be confused with the evil WikiWarlocks!), they can and will cast the powerful Twinkle or Huggle spells against them.

Nonetheless, WikiWitches are basically polite beings, valuing the quiet of solitude. They will rarely bite, publicly tolerating the quirks of their neighbours, and occasionally welcoming new visitors to the realm.

How to identify a WikiWitchEdit

Unless they show themselves, you cannot spot a WikiWitch. They can be mistaken for all sorts of WikiFauna. Some are even mistaken for WikiSloths!

Some few, though, choose to identify themselves, with the Userbox {{User wikipedia/WikiWitch}}.

A WikiWitch who is feeling considerate may identify themself by hanging their witch hat at their front door, like this: {{WikiWitch-icon}}.