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Adenosine Talk BSc in Microbiology. Mostly focused on E.coli genetics and conjugation
Adr11iano Talk 4th year Biomedical Science student with a keen interest in Microbiology, particularly in molecular mechanisms of pathogenesis
Aina Bet Talk 4th year Microbiology student
Ajpolino Talk Interested in pathogenic microbes; eukaryotic parasites in particular
akhagan Talk Graduate student studying iron acquisition by bacterial pathogens
Alistairirvine Talk
AnonymousDDoS Talk
Asopa.aditya Talk Veterinary student. Interested in life sciences as Microbiology, Immunology, Virology, Cell and Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Neuroscience, Oncology.
Afacerop Talk Medical student. Interested in life sciences as Microbiology, Pathology, Genetics, Parasitology and Biochemistry.
Alextrevelian 006 Talk Studying microbiology, focus on prokaryote genomics
Allens Talk Teaching microbiology for the health sciences (currently doing so with Kaplan Online University)
AlphaEta Talk Microbial ecology and infections of wildlife.
AnnaJune Talk PhD in microbiology; antibiotic resistance, microbial physiology, genomics, microbiology education
Antorjal Talk Archaea, microbial physiology, metagenomics
Autoctono~enwiki Talk Ph.D. in Microbiology & Biochemistry. Focused on Bacterial Transport & Spore Germination
Aureum doxadius Talk Medical student
Aven_Az13 Talk Amateur with an interest in microbiology
azileretsis Talk PhD candidate in microbiology; virology, bioinformatic, synthetic biology
Bamskamp Talk Grad student in microbial ecology, specialty in anoxygenic phototrophs
Basa Talk Graduate student in molecular microbiology
Basalisk Talk Medical student with an interest in infectious diseases, tropical medicine and critical care.
Batchelor Talk Studying BSc (Hons) in Microbiology. Interests in Veterinary Microbiology, Cellular Microbiology and Practical Microbiology.
Bervin61 Talk Improving the overall state of viral information on Wikipedia. Elec. engineer focused in bioinformatics, currently working on building databases related to viruses and their hosts.
Barbara Talk I just love the little critters and enjoy learning and writing about them. I am particularly interested in bacterial and viral pathogens related to reproductive health.
Bha9023 Talk Lab Analyst - Food Microbiology
Bharathmeister Talk Engineering Graduate student in Biotechnology
bharghestgfp Talk Research Technician at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, Ohio. Interested in microbial resistance, phage treatment, mitochondrial defects.
Carbonrodney Talk Bioinformaticist
Ccarlst Talk Microbiology Ph.D student at the University of California, Berkeley. Interested in microbial physiology, anaerobic respiration, and environmental microbiology.
Ceranthor Talk
Ceshencam Talk Doctoral student in microbiology
ClamsonJ Talk Working as a technician in a food microbiology lab.
Coralizzie1 Talk Undergraduate student studying microbiology.
Cpant23 Talk Pharmacy Technician, interested in cytology, and microbiology
CrayolaTwo Talk Undergraduate at Wisconsin in Microbiology.
Cuculus talk Microbiology undergraduate.
Curt99 talk Marine microbiologists working on viruses, prokaryotes and protists
Deekay83 Talk BSc in Microbiology. Working as a technician identifying Mycobacteria.
DenaeHudson Talk Microbiology Laboratory Supervisor in a cosmetic microbiology laboratory for a contract manufacturer of personal care products. I do have a Microbiology degree with several years of experience under my belt. Hope I can be of some assistance!
Deuterostome Talk Non-expert (Ph.D. in an unrelated field). Interested in protists, especially ciliates.
DGG Talk Ph.D. in molecular biology long ago, more recently a librarian.
Dodshe Talk I'm from germany (my english isn't very good, but I hope I can help a bit)
Dr. F.C. Turner Talk Medical Microbiology, recently diagnostician for clinical microbiology.
DR M.sheta Talk Mohammed Sheta resident of internal medicine Cairo university .
Esmeralda Dushku Talk Researcher of School of Biology of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki specialized in gut microbiota.
feydey Talk Nothing special.
FingersOnRoids Talk Father is a professor of Microbiology at Michigan State University. Working extensively on Alga stubs.
Fivestar9 Talk Prospective microbiologist in Illinois, USA. Interested in HIV and H1N1 strain of flu
Flappy Pigeon Talk Especially interested in the human immune system.
Gahaharrison94 Talk PhD student in microbiology
Geoking66 Talk Nucleic acids, chromosones, high school student working in microbiological science research, minor editing (WikiGnome)
GF38storic Talk PhD in Microbiology ecology and Molecular biology. Taxonomist (cited in the International Code of Nomenclature of Prokaryotes) and genetician. 'Omic expert in my institution.
Graham Beards Talk BSc. Biological Sciences, MSc. by research and DSc. for published research on rotaviruses
Greybeard Rich Talk BSc. Microbiology, Chemistry. Public Health Microbiologist (CA), Regulatory Microbiologist FDA (Ret), freelance editor
Icebob99 Talk Lots of experience in a large microbiology lab
Ilikelifesciences Talk PhD student, interested in evolution, molecular biology, genetics and bioinformatics
Infektia Talk Medical Laboratory Scientist, MLS(ASCP); Clinical microbiologist.
James.Folsom Talk Microbial Food Safety
Jcammm Talk Assistant Professor at Louisiana State University. Ph.D. in Microbiology from UC Berkeley, 2009.
Jderecho33 Talk Undergraduate Biotechnology.
JoeHarrisonUW Talk BSc Cellular, Molecular and Microbial Biology, PhD Microbial Biochemsitry, PDF Molecular Microbiology. Research interests include biofilms, drug resistance and chronic bacterial infections.
Jshadwi Talk BSc Mathematics, MSc Biology, Currently an Instructor in the Department of Biological Sciences, University of Arkansas. Specialize in Protists, with an emphasis on Evolution and Ecology of Protosteloid Amoebae.
Jsmith86 Talk Chemical Engineering Student, minoring in microbiology, interested in applications of bioinformatics
Jonthecheet Talk Working towards a Microbiology BS. Researching 1) calorie restriction/lifespan elongation in S. cerevisciae / 2) Protein virulence effectors in Yersinia sp.. Interested in host-pathogen interactions.
Kbseah Talk Microbiologist working on symbiosis, interested in protists.
Kev Talk Antimicrobial Pharmacist
KeybladeSephi Talk I'm a student at Wasatch Jr. High, with an expertise in biology, physics, and computer programming.
Kimmyfromtexas Talk
Kinkreet Talk Undergraduate Biochemistry.
KP Botany Talk My background is Marine Biology (worms) and geology, including phycology, interested in marine protists.
Liam Skoda Talk Medical student, interested in infectious disease, particularly viruses and plague.
Lieandswell Talk Postdoctoral microbiologist.
LightandDark2000 Talk College student studying Biotechnology and aspects of Microbiology. Already have prior knowledge on some biotech topics and microbes.
linkthewindow Talk High school student with some background knowledge. Interested in viruses, genetics and bacteria.
LLMHoopes Talk PhD in fungal genetics, biochemistry, Professor emerita, molecular genetics, yeast aging.
Lutetium Talk Finishing BSc in Biomedical Science.
MarcoTolo Talk Molecular and micro background (Streptomyces, mostly); microbial pathogenesis; medical micro in general.
Manderson198 Talk Studying microbiology: most interested in etiology; also a member of Wikiproject Chemicals: specializing in organic chemistry, emphasis in reaction mechanisms and synthesis.
Manesh8tt Talk Doctoral student in Microbiology, Halophilic Archaea,evolution, genetics and ecology
MatthewBChambers Talk Undergrad thesis student studying legume-rhizobe symbiosis, nitrogen fixation, and transformation. Interested in 'Open Source' biology.
MetsFan76 Talk Senior graduate student hoping to finish my Ph.D in microbiology/immunology in 2007.
Microbewriter Talk PhD in Microbiology/Immunology
Microbiojen Talk I work in marketing products to the pharmaceutical production segment of microbiology.
MiriamRGarcia Talk PhD in applied mathematics. Interested in the modelling of microbiology (predictive microbiology).
Moshe Constantine Hassan Al-Silverburg Talk
Mysteriumen Talk Student of Pharmacy
Noneus Talk First WikiProject for me! Working on my Master's in microbiology/molecular biology.
Peter G Werner Talk Microscopy hobbyist and former grad student in mycology. Interests in this project are mainly microscopy articles, and also microfungi and oomycete articles.
Pixie Talk
RaptorChief Talk
Richard Decal Talk Undergraduate biochemist, hoping to improve the quality of articles.
RockMagnetist Talk I am a geophysics professor with some expertise in magnetotaxis, and I would like to improve the articles on magnetotactic bacteria.
Ronk01 Talk Instructor, Microscopist
Rosie Redfield Talk Faculty at UBC, researching evolution, regulation and mechanisms of natural transformation.
Roy stanley Talk im intrested in biomedical gerentology.aka longivity.
Rutilus Talk 1st year MD/PhD student, interested in microbiology and immunology
Samlikeswiki Talk
Scharks Talk I have a background in food microbiology with a particular interest in yeasts.
Schu1321 Talk 3rd year MD/PhD student, graduate school for Microbiology.
SciHound Talk Scientific copywriter with experience of writing in the field of microbiology.
Scruffybug Talk PhD student in Microbiology.
Sebas195 Talk Microbial ecology and systematics.
Serephine Talk Being the WikiProject hog that I am, could I resist? Majoring in microbiology and pathology.
Shinryuu Talk I'm currently a grad student in biology/biomedicine
Siegele Talk Faculty at TAMU, research in molecular genetics and physiology of E. coli, have taught Intro Micro for many semesters
Single Eukaryote Talk Extreme protist nerd and PhD candidate.
Sir_Lags Talk I just want to help out with cleaning up articles and I like protists
Sodaplayer Talk Student in Jr High that loves microbiology. Planning to upload several pictures to protists in the future. Very active in Wikipedia and adds Templates and tags to every appropriate article.
Solo.card Talk Currently studying a Bachelors degree in Microbiology.
soupvector Talk Faculty virologist, immunologist, ID doc at Johns Hopkins University.
SteffieBerger Talk PhD Microbiology: expert for anaerobic microbiology, biochemistry, archaea and a little bit of environmental microbiology
Supanthee Talk PhD Functional Biology: expert for secondary metabolism, biochemistry, probiotics, antibiotics and microbial genomics
Sur5d Talk BsC (Infection & Immunity), currently writing Honours thesis in Microbiology (proteomics of antimicrobial resistance)
SynBioKevin Talk PhD Candidate Chemical Engineering, interested in engineering microbes for industrial applications
Synthetase Talk BSc (Molecular Microbiology). Currently doing honours, working on vancomycin-intermediate Staphylococcus aureus. Interested in science generally, and bacterial gene regulation specifically.
TaylorJO Talk I am a registered microbiologist (NRCM) working in pharmaceutical microbiology.
TimVickers Talk I'm a molecular microbiologist particularly interested in protozoal pathogens.
User:The New Mikemoral Talk Extreme intresest with microbiology and other sciences.
Theser Talk PhD in molecular microbial ecology, gastrointestinal microbiota, probiotics, general microbiology.
User: Torreano61 Talk MD, Professor Clinical Microbiology and Infectious diseases. University of Udine, Arabian Gulf University, Alfaisal University, KSA.
Touchstone42 Talk PhD in microbiology. Currently working in academic publishing.
Trillianne Talk working on my Master´s in microbiology/molecular biology (Enterobacter sakazakii, a food-borne pathogen)
tstrobaugh Talk Food pathogens, stress response, gene expression, bioinformatics, microarray data anlayis, Quorum sensing
Scoreed Talk
Tyrol5 Talk Pulmonary microbiology, microbiology of pulmonary diseases.
Vaihead Talk Undergraduate microbiology student
Weinfield Talk Aspiring Biology Major. High School Student currently interning as a lab assistant in a Microbiology Lab.
Wikiality Talk Doctoral student in microbial evolution, genetics and ecology
Willow Talk Non-expert but sincerely interested in helping; friendly but overfond of smileys ;)
Wingedkat Talk Biochemistry of methanogens & archaea
Yash! Talk Interested in medical related topics.
YopZ Talk BS in Microbiology, working in a clinical non-microbiology lab
Zarina_6022 Talk BA in Biochemistry, minor in writing