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This is the WikiProject Korea working group for South Korean politics. The goal is to improve and expand Wikipedia's coverage of South Korean politics. Anyone with an interest in South Korean politics is welcome to join.

You can tag articles as associated with this working group by adding "skpo=yes" to {{WikiProject Korea}} on the talk page, like this: {{WikiProject Korea|skpo=yes}}


The objective of this working group is to improve the coverage of articles concerning the government and politics of South Korea. In particular, it aims to review and ensure the neutrality of articles related to this topic.

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28 June 2022


Please remember to also add your name to the main list of project members if you are not yet listed there.

Long-term tasksEdit

  • Create articles for members of the 19th National Assembly and other significant politicians, and add the requisite templates (succession boxes, infoboxes) where necessary.
  • Review and rewrite problematic articles and act to ensure the quality of writing and the neutrality of South Korean politics articles more generally.
  • Expand the coverage of recent South Korean political history, including the administrations of previous presidents.

Working progressEdit