Wikipedia:WikiProject Korea/Working groups

At WikiProject Korea, we have various working groups to help focus our energy on specific areas of interest. If you'd like to create a new working group, or reorganize an old one, please post a note on the main talk page. The current working groups are listed in the table below.

Current edit

Current working groups within WikiProject Korea:

Joint collaborations with other WikiProjects:

Inactive edit

The following working groups are currently believed to be inactive due to a lack of participation:

Former edit

Working groups that were either merged, disbanded, defunct, etc.

Header edit

To include the following header, type the following text at the top of the page:

{{Wikipedia:WikiProject Korea/Working groups|Your topic|goal=  |tag=  }}

Headings edit

Each working group subpage should have the following headings:

  • Members, where members of the working group can list themselves.
  • Tasks, the key tasks for the group.
  • Tools, listing templates (navboxes and infoboxes) and other offsite and onsite tools useful for completing the listed Tasks.