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This is a category of articles that need the hangul versions of their names added to the lead paragraphs, or in the {{Infobox Korean name}} template. See Wikipedia:Naming conventions (Korean) for more information. To add articles to this category, use {{Needhangul}} or {{Needhanja}}. If you add the hangul to an article in this category, simply remove the {{Needhangul}} or {{Needhanja}} from the talk page, and it will no longer show up in this list. Many of the articles in this category also need to be cleaned up, wikified, or expanded. Feel free to help these articles out while you add the hangul script to them, if you like. Articles that need hanja (with or without hangul) can use the template {{Needhanja}}. You can add articles directly to this category by adding the empty template {{Infobox Korean name}} to the article. It's also a good idea to ask for help on the discussion board.


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