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This WikiProject is up and running.

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The goal of this WikiProject is to improve health coverage and the organization of the subjects of health and fitness on Wikipedia. Toward that end we develop and maintain the following resources on Wikipedia:

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The outline of health is WP's overview of the subject, and is intended to include all the topics on the subject (either on this page itself, or an offspring outline).

When creating a health-related article, please add it to this outline or one of its branching outlines. Thank you.

If the subject has a wide scope, please create an outline of the subject, and add that outline to the Outline of health. Thank you.

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Nutrition Terms edit

  • Fats: Triglycerides that remain solid at room temperature. They are a ground of chemical compounds that contain fatty acids. Some fatty acids are need for body processes, and the body stores fat deposits throughout the body, including a layer just below the skin, so it has energy set aside.
  • Dietary Fiber: A genetic term for a nondigested carbohydrates found in plants. Its important health benefits in childhood, especially promoting bowel movements.
  • Oil: Triglycerides that remain liquid at room temperature. The body requires some fat for body processes, and it stores it in deposits, including a layer below the skin.
  • Protein: A molecule composed of amino acids, eight of which are considered essential to the processes of cells in adults.
  • Poly Saturated Fatty Acid: A type of fatty acid where a double bond exist between two of the carbon atoms and therefore is lacking a pair of hydrogen atoms found in saturated fats.
  • Saturated Fatty Acids: This molecule has the maximum possible number of hydrogen atoms attached to every carbon atom, so it is said to be saturated with hydrogen atoms. These contain only single bonds between the carbon atoms.
  • Trans Fatty Acid: A type of fatty acid not found in nature but created via food processing, where missing hydrogen atoms are put back into polyunsaturated fats. As a result. vegetable oils can be made solid at room temperature.
  • Malnutrition: An imbalance of proper nutrients

Exercise/Health Terms edit

  • Exercise activity: requiring physical effort, carried out especially to sustain or improve health and fitness.
  • Health: An integrated method of functioning that is oriented toward maximizing an individuals potential across spiritual, social, physical, environmental, and intellectual aspects of life.
  • Fitness: The ability to preform daily tasks vigorously and alertly, with energy left over for enjoying leisure-time activities and meeting energy demands.
  • Basal Metabolism: The minimum amount of energy required by the body to maintain essential body functions when at rest.
  • Social Wellness: The ability to interact successfully and ones personal environment. Intimacy, respect, and tolerance for those with different opinions or beliefs are all aspects of social wellness.
  • Sugar Diet: no-sugar diet means doing away with everything that has sugar. sugar-free diet is not as simple as it may sound, but achievable for effective Sugar and weight loss.
  • Wellness: Components of wellness are spiritual, social, physical, environmental, emotional, and intellectual.

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Health(43 C, 26 P)
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Health care(39 C, 72 P)
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Death(42 C, 66 P)
Determinants of health(19 C, 32 P)
Disability(26 C, 38 P)
Health disasters(9 C, 21 P)
Diseases and disorders(25 C, 28 P)
Health economics(9 C, 131 P)
Education and health(2 C, 6 P)
Environment and health(1 C, 19 P)
Global health(5 C, 61 P)
Healing(5 C, 16 P)
Health informatics(27 C, 187 P, 2 F)
Health law(29 C, 40 P)
Medical terminology(12 C, 377 P)
Mental health(17 C, 54 P)
Health and military(5 C, 3 P)
Health paradoxes(15 P)
Physical fitness(5 C, 14 P)
Health and politics(6 C, 3 P)
Public health(31 C, 182 P)
Quality of life(9 C, 50 P)
Race and health(2 C, 14 P)
Religion and health(10 C, 18 P)
Health research(7 C, 29 P)
Health risk(4 C, 18 P)
Health sciences(23 C, 15 P)
Sexual health(14 C, 97 P)
Health and sports(6 C, 3 P)
Health and transport(5 C, 15 P)
Works about health(14 C, 3 P)
Health stubs(15 C, 145 P)

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