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Welcome to WikiProject Hospitals. Several Wikipedians have formed this collaboration resource and group dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of Hospitals and the organization of information and articles on this topic. This page and its tabs and subpages contain suggestions, guidelines, and various resources; it is hoped that this project will help to focus the efforts of Wikipedians interested in the topic. If you would like to help, please join the project, inquire on the talk page, and see the alerts and metrics below.

Goals edit

Improve all hospital articles within a common framework

  • Add a completed {{WikiProject Hospitals}} template to the talk page (not the article page) of any hospital article. Include assessment class and importance parameters in the template.
  • Increase the number of Featured Articles and Good Articles about hospitals
  • Improve the completeness of lists of hospitals for countries and administrative divisions (states) of countries
    • All continents and countries in the world now have a "List of hospitals in ....." list. Some country summaries in the lists could still be improved.   Task complete.
  • Improve the quality of the most popular hospital articles. (The most popular WikiProject Hospitals articles are listed on Wikipedia:WikiProject Hospitals/Popular pages and is updated monthly.)

Geographic coverage edit

Lists of hospitals in Africa

Lists of hospitals in Asia

Lists of hospitals in Europe

Lists of hospitals in North America

Lists of hospitals in Oceania

Lists of hospitals in South America

Scope edit

In scope: Hospital articles should be about the following:

  • Physical sites where medical care is delivered as the main activity: Hospitals, infirmaries, clinics, medical centres, institutes, asylums
  • Military hospitals, field hospitals, hospital ships
  • Management organisations of hospitals - whether government agencies or private companies
  • Medical training establishments (not to be placed under WikiProject Medicine). However, they may be simultaneously grouped under WikiProject Universities.

Out of scope: The following articles are not within the scope of this project.

Notability edit

Ways to maintain and improve articles edit

There are over 17,000 hospitals in the world and approximately 4,000 hospital articles on Wikipedia. Hospital articles in Wikipedia can be maintained and improved by the following.

Maintenance edit

  • Add WikiProject Hospitals template on Talk pages of hospital articles without it. {{WikiProject Hospitals|class= |importance= }} Fill in the class and importance.
  • Assess article quality of unassessed articles Maintenance
  • Assess article importance when not given Maintenance
  • Add a hospital Infobox to articles needing Infobox and update Infobox when not complete Maintenance
  • Add coordinates using Google Earth or Google Maps to hospital articles without coordinates to the Infobox hospital, e.g. | coordinates = {{coord|LAT|LON|type:landmark|display=inline, title}} Maintenance

Improvements edit

  • Improve completeness of Lists of hospitals in Country/State or countries without Lists
  • Add new hospital articles for notable hospitals
  • Expand stub and start class articles
  • Improve C, B, GA, A, FA hospital articles to the next level
  • Add a map to lists of hospitals (use state maps for larger countries). A link to a map of all hospitals with coordinates in a given category can be inserted using {{GeoGroupTemplate|article=Category:xxx}}
  • Add FAA or ICAO Location identifier codes for hospitals with helipads
  • Create health services organization templates with links to hospitals owned by that organization when the templates don't exist already

Metrics edit

Metrics are used within this project to measure progress towards meeting project goals. See Wikipedia:WikiProject Hospitals/Metrics for detailed metrics.

Alerts edit

See also recent changes in WP:HOS articles

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Templates edit

Project templates

Full syntax for WikiProject Hospitals template:

{{WikiProject Hospitals 

Awards edit

The following general barnstars are commonly used within the project:

Resources edit

Resources on the internet edit

  • Healthgrades ( ) - Provides data obtained from other reputable sources on such things as patient safety, patient outcomes, patient experience (patient satisfaction) and links to Healthgrades information on physicians who admit patients to hospitals. This source also provides some information about outpatient clinics, some of which are very large. All information pertains to facilities in the United States.
  • Hospital-Data.Com ( ) - Provides data obtained from other reputable sources for hospitals, home health centers, nursing homes and dialysis facilities. Data are provided on numbers and varieties of employees, number of beds and average costs for various procedures. All information pertains to facilities in the United States.

American hospitals edit

  • U.S. News & World Report ( - Useful rankings for American hospitals and children's hospitals. The industry standard of widely accepted hospital rankings.
  • American Hospital Directory ( ) - Information such as bed count, services offered, amount of residents, and other useful hospital related information.

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