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This page provides a summary of assessment of WikiProject Croatia articles in terms of quality and importance to the project, as well as criteria applied to quality rating assessment process and B-class quality assessment notes specific to the project. If you would like to have another editor to assess an article for you, please direct such requests to the WikiProject Croatia talk page.

Croatia articles by quality log

Quality scale


B-class assessment notes


B-Class articles may be reviewed by any user with no restrictions whatsoever. However, editors are urged to perform such an assessment strictly adhering to the B-Class article.

The B6 criterion is normally interpreted conforming to Wikipedia:TECHNICAL guideline: Every reasonable attempt should be made to ensure that material is presented in the most widely understandable manner possible. By extension, for the purposes of the WikiProject Croatia fulfillment of this criterion also means that an average Wikipedia user with no specific knowledge about Croatia and/or the Croats will be able to understand the context of the article and extract useful information (ideally, even insight) from it. For example, a well-written article on a historical topic will have a "Background" section where necessary, rather than just springing right off into details of the event.

An article may be assessed as a B-Class article only if it meets all six criteria listed above. If the article fails one or more of the above criteria and surpasses Start-Class quality requirements, it should be assessed as a C-Class article. The Start-Class and the C-Class requirements are listed above.

If the assessed article fails B-Class criteria, a To-do list should be created (or updated if it already exists) on the article's talk page showing the list of improvements suggested for the article. It is created and formatted using the {{Todo}} template. The list is maintained by editors, writers, reviewers or readers like you as a way to focus your collaborative efforts. As such, they represent a tentative consensus that helps improve the efficiency of the editing process. A To-do list for this page may look like this:

The template (tag) to include the above is {{todo}}. The dynamic list in the box is drawn from a subpage of the talk page represented simply by "to do."