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Welcome to the Negro league baseball task force. This is a subproject of WikiProject Baseball and is dedicated to improving articles covering the African American baseball experience—players, leagues, and teams—prior to the full racial integration of organized baseball (that is, from the mid 1800s through the early 1960s). If you'd like to help out, you're welcome to join the task force by adding your name to the Members section below. Please use the talk page to discuss issues or ask questions that arise in editing these articles.

WikiProject template edit

Every article within the scope of this task force should have the {{WikiProject Baseball}} project banner placed near the top of its talk page with the Negro league task force parameter set as "negrolg=yes."

An article's assessment is generated from two template parameters: the class (that is, the article's "quality") and the importance.

The class parameter provides information about the quality of the article—does it provide comprehensive coverage of the subject, or does it provide incomplete coverage? Is the article well referenced, or do citations need to be added? There is only one class rating assigned by the WikiProject as a whole.

The importance rating describes how important the subject of the article is to the overall topic. If an article is within the scope of several task forces or subprojects, each can assign it a different importance that's specific to the topic covered the task force. The WikiProject also assigns an importance based on the importance of the article's subject to the overall coverage of baseball.

This is the rating syntax (the ratings are samples; change them to what applies to the article in question):

{{WikiProject Baseball | negrolg=yes}}
  • displays the default banner, showing the project info and only ??? for the class and importance parameters.
{{WikiProject Baseball | class=Stub | importance=Low | negrolg=yes | negrolg-importance=Low}}
  • When you assess an article, you should fill in the class and importance parameters.
  • Assign one of the following as the class: Stub / Start / C / B / GA (Good article) / FA (Featured article) / List / and FL (Featured list).
  • Assign one of the following as the importance: Low / Mid / High / and Top.

Resources edit

Here are a few on-line resources you can use to improve player articles.

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  • Create a template for talk pages
  • Create a Userbox for project members

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