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Many popular sports, especially at the professional level, receive extensive news coverage. Wikipedia is not a newspaper. However, transactions involving hirings/signings, trades, and firings/releases are often considered encyclopedic for articles on a season for a league/team, or biographies of athletes and other key personnel.

When extensive coverage exists, reliable sources may report breaking news on a transaction based on anonymous sources. Indications that news is speculative include phrases such as "a person with knowledge of the negotiations says", "spoke on condition of anonymity", "has not yet signed a contract",[1] "are expected to acquire",[2] "cannot become official until",[3] and "still trying to confirm details".[4] Additionally, some sports leagues have periods where negotiations can take place, but a deal cannot become official until a future date e.g. the July moratorium in the National Basketball Association (NBA).[3] In these cases, the transaction should not be presented as having been completed, and infoboxes should not be updated.

In the past, some unofficial transactions were not consummated due to reasons including players reneging on verbal agreements,[6] vetoes by the league,[8] complications with no-trade clauses,[11] or a different transaction materializing altogether.[14] If anything is to be presented at all, it should be limited to prose attributed to the source that is reporting the transaction. For example, "On March 5, 2013, ACME News reported that John Doe will sign with XYZ." It would be inappropriate synthesis and future speculation to present this as "On March 5, 2013, John Doe signed with XYZ."

A transaction can be considered official if sources report it as completed and attribute it to a reputable league or team official.[15] Sometimes players that are free agents may announce their agreement to a contract before the team confirms a contract has been signed and completed. Consensus at Wikipedia articles may determine that the player should be reflected in the article as being a member of the team, even prior to an official announcement by the team.[18] Otherwise, it may be a lengthy discussion on the distinction between an "official signing" and a player's publicly announced agreement to sign.[19]

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