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Welcome to the Triathlon WikiProject!


  • Improve Wikipedia's coverage of triathlon, duathlon and aquathlon
  • Create guidelines for articles about triathlon.


  • The project covers all articles about the sport of triathlon, including duathlon and aquathlon.
    • Athletes:
      • Those who satisfy notability per WP:NTRIATHLON.
      • Non eltie/professional athletes who have suitable status to satisfy WP:BIO. This may include coaches, commentators, ...
    • Competitions:
      • Elite and professional level representative competition, namely ITU and WTC World Championships, Olympics, Pan-Ams, Commonwealths, Asian Games etc.
      • Other non-representative competition which is notable for: size, location, legendary status, ...


If you wish to join the project, please add your name to the bottom of active the list. Active


Additionally, you may wish to place the WikiProject Triathlon userbox on your user page. You can do this using the code {{User Triathlon}}, which will produce the following userbox:

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Open tasksEdit


  • Tag articles with project banner: Template:WikiProject Triathlon
    • This has largely been done now by a bot - see listings of articles within this project's scope at Category:Triathlon articles by quality. Continue to add the banner to newly created and any stray articles you come across.
  • Assessment - A very quick assessment has been performed on all articles using the WP:Version 1.0 criteria. See below for assessment instructions.
  • Triathlon - aim to bring this article up to WP:GA - see (soon to be started) discussion on its talk page.
  • Paratriathlon - expand the article - It lacks a section on notable events and championships.
    • I've asked others in the ITU Paratriathlon Athletes Facebook group (includes most people competing on the international paratriathlon circuit) what they think should be included in the article. Sportygeek (talk) 14:37, 17 January 2013 (UTC)


  • Standardise/tidy biography infobox
  • Add infobox to athlete articles
  • Concentrate on world champions as they are most notable. Handy list here: User:NSH001/triathletes
    • Still plenty of redlinkers here. Strongly recommended that new articles should be written under the WP:DYK process, as this
      1. raises the profile of triathlon articles (they get 6 hours linked from the Main Page)
      2. ensures a minimum quality (they have to be at least Start-class to pass DYK - see Emma Carney for a recent example)
  • Triathlete biography articles should satisfy WP:BIOG and MOS:BIO. See WP:BTIP for general tips, and Wikipedia:WikiProject Biography/Sports and games#Triathlon for specific advice.
  • Other-language Wikipedias can provide useful pointers to source of info, and provide a valuable check.

ITU ChampionshipsEdit

  • Plan content and layout for article series
  • Build templates as necessary to allow standard content and layouts to be applied
  • Populate pages - start with most recent, using already completed pages as a guideline

WTC ChampionshipsEdit


See also: Wikipedia:WikiProject Olympics

Asian GamesEdit


Commonwealth GamesEdit


Pan American GamesEdit

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Article alertsEdit

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  • 58.1% Stub-Class
  • 36.1% Start-Class
  • 3.9% C-Class
  • 0.6% B-Class
  • 0.3% GA-Class
  • 0.1% remaining
  • Quality operations: A bot-generated daily log which lists articles Reassessed, Assessed and Removed.
  • Popular pages: List of top articles with the most frequent views, updated monthly.

Any member of WikiProject Triathlon may assess Sports-related articles by following the guidelines below. If you aren't sure about an article, ask about it on the assessment page.

The {{WikiProject Triathlon}} template has a class= and an importance= parameter which provide an article assessment and importance rating for each article:

{{WikiProject Triathlon|class=???|importance=???}}

The following values may be used for the class parameter. Please note that you must type them exactly as below as they are case-sensitive:

If a rating is not assigned, the article will be filed in Category:Unassessed Triathlon articles. The class should be assigned according to the grading scheme. A list of Unassessed and In dispute articles can be discussed at Wikipedia:WikiProject Triathlon/Assessment.

The importance parameter is not currently in use for this WikiProject, and can be left blank in all banners.

Importance parameter

The following values may be used for the importance parameter. Please note that you must type them exactly as below as they are case-sensitive:

The parameter is not used if an article's class is set to NA, and may be omitted in those cases.

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