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Note: please do not add any new requests to this page. If you would like to report a dictionary definition, simply tag the article with {{Copy to Wiktionary}}. See marking dictionary articles below for how to correctly tag an article.

Category:Copy to Wiktionary contains a list of dictionary articles that are candidates for moving to the transwiki namespace of Wiktionary via the transwiki process. This is a maintenance page that contains other listings. We would like help resolving the old entries below.

When you move an article, make sure that you do not break any hyperlinks. Consider copying rather than moving to avoid these complications. Put links from the Wikipedia article to the Wiktionary article and back.

Actively avoiding dictionary articlesEdit

You can help prevent the creation of dictionary articles (and the resulting wasted effort) by:

Marking dictionary articlesEdit

If you find a dictionary article please search Wiktionary to see whether a dictionary entry already exists in Wiktionary. If it does, please consider turning the Wikipedia article into a soft redirect, or turning the Wikipedia article into an adjective→noun or verb→gerund redirect.

If you find a dictionary article which belongs in Wiktionary, transwiki it! If you can't perform the transwikification yourself, it is suggested that you add the {{Copy to Wiktionary}} tag to the article.

This marks the pages so that future viewers will see that it needs to be moved, and adds the article to Category:Copy to Wiktionary.

Old requestsEdit

This page originally contained a list of articles proposed for transwikiing. To view these old requests, see

  • /Archive 1 for old moot entries from before June 22, 2005.
  • /Archive 2 for all entries from June 23, 2005 until this page's deprecation.