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Freedom Day in Malta stub
1492 – The Catholic Monarchs of Spain issued the Alhambra Decree, ordering all Jews to convert to Christianity or be expelled from the country. refimprove section
1717 – A sermon on The Nature of the Kingdom of Christ by Benjamin Hoadly, the Bishop of Bangor, ignited the Bangorian Controversy, a theological argument within the Church of England about whether the church should have any disciplinary authority. unreferenced section
1778 – English explorer James Cook landed on Vancouver Island and claimed it for Great Britain. refimprove sections
1903 – New Zealand inventor Richard Pearse reportedly flew in one of the first powered flying machines for a distance of several hundred metres, about nine months before the Wright brothers flew their Wright Flyer. unreferenced section, refimprove section
1917 – The Danish West Indies became the U.S. Virgin Islands after the United States paid Denmark US$25 million for the Caribbean islands. lots of CN tags
1931 – A TWA Fokker trimotor crashed in Chase County, Kansas, U.S., and killed eight people, including football coach Knute Rockne, stimulating advances in aircraft design and development. refimprove
1951 – The first UNIVAC I, the first commercial computer made in the United States, was delivered to the United States Census Bureau. refimprove section
1964 – The Brazilian Armed Forces overthrew President João Goulart, establishing a military dictatorship that lasted 21 years. primary sources and OR section


March 31: Cesar Chavez Day in various U.S. states (1927)

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