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Christmas Eve (Gregorian calendar) unreferenced section
1294Boniface VIII began his papacy, replacing St. Celestine V, who had declared that it was permissible for a Pope to resign, and then promptly did so. refimprove section
1777 – An expedition led by English explorer James Cook reached Christmas Island, the largest coral atoll in the world. refimprove
1826 – More than a third of U.S. Military Academy cadets in West Point, New York, rioted after consuming eggnog with whiskey during a Christmas party. {Single source} {Self-published source}
1968 – Astronaut William Anders of the NASA Apollo 8 mission, the first manned voyage to orbit the Moon, took the famous photograph known as "Earthrise", showing the Earth rising above the lunar surface. unreferenced section
1974Cyclone Tracy struck Darwin, Australia, eventually destroying more than 70% of the city. refimprove section
1979Ariane 1, the first launch vehicle to be developed by the European Space Agency, had its first launch. no orbital elements, unreferenced section
Jeff Sessions |b|1946 outdated



December 24

British and German troops during the Christmas truce
British and German troops during the Christmas truce
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