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Wikipedia:New York Academy of Sciences/Women in Science Editathon 2015

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Women In Science @
New York Academy of Sciences
Wikipedia edit-a-thon
Nyas lobby wtc7.jpg
New York Academy of Sciences office (lobby) on the 40th floor
When and Where
When:Sunday, November 22, 2015
Time1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Where:7 World Trade Center
250 Greenwich Street
40th Floor
New York, NY 10007-2157
Twitter hashtag#WomenSciWiki
Women In Science editathon flyer
Alexis Clements introduces the session
Editors work hard

The Women In Science @ New York Academy of Sciences edit-a-thon, launched Sunday, November 22, 2015, 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm in New York City, was a weeklong Wikipedia editing campaign, to create, update, and improve Wikipedia articles pertaining to the lives and works of women scientists, working to highlight undercovered science stories in the encyclopedia.

Working globally with WikiProject Women in Red (supporting the online campaign running from November 8 to 29) and the resource lists of WikiProject Women scientists!

Due to limited space, the in person aspect of the edit-athon will primarily be for New York Academy of Sciences members.


Event informationEdit

Please bring a laptop with you!

  • Bring your laptop, power cord and ideas for entries that need updating or creation. Virtual participation welcome and encouraged.

Participate virtually!

  • Space at the live event is really limited, but we encourage you to join us virtually. Just add your signature to the participants list and edit away! If you're new to Wikipedia there are resources at the bottom of this page to help you learn the ropes.



If you are able, please also add your Wikipedia username below (signatures are created by saving four tildes [~] in a row). If you haven't edited Wikipedia before, we will help you register for a new Wikipedia editing account on the day of the session.

  • Note that seating is limited for the Women in Science event, as well as signing up on-wiki, please RSVP by email.
  • Also sign up at the NYAS site here (there is a limit of ~10):
  1. Alexisclements (talk) 19:19, 26 October 2015 (UTC)
  2. Pharos (talk) 02:08, 2 November 2015 (UTC)
  3. Jim.henderson (talk) 23:34, 19 November 2015 (UTC)
  4. Frank.manus (talk) 23:34, 22 November 2015 (UTC)
  5. Mpgroome (talk) 19:05, 22 November 2015 (UTC)
  6. Recordslinger (talk) 19:10, 22 November 2015 (UTC)
  7. CC008 (talk)
  8. Lhariton (talk)
  9. Etlib (talk)


  1. DGG ( talk ) 23:39, 7 November 2015 (UTC) (possibly for an hour or two, time uncertain) 4PM)


  1. DThomsen8 (talk) 14:16, 20 November 2015 (UTC) (but entirely from home.)
  2. Rosiestep (talk) 15:02, 20 November 2015 (UTC) (virtually from Nevada)
  3. SusunW (talk) 06:29, 21 November 2015 (UTC) (virtually from Mérida, Mexico)
  4. Penny Richards (talk) 17:40, 21 November 2015 (UTC) (virtually from California)
  5. BrillLyle (talk)
  6. gobonobo + c (virtually from Minnesota)

List of articles to create/editEdit

Historic and/or Prominent Female Members of The New York Academy of SciencesEdit

[List under development]

Other ListsEdit


New articles createdEdit

Alphabetical order

  1. Esther Byrnes -- Recordslinger (talk)
  2. Mary Jeanne Kreek -- Alexisclements (talk)
  3. Eunice Thomas Miner -- Mpgroome (talk)
  4. Helen T. Parsons -- CC008 (talk)
  5. Elisa Oricchio -- SusunW (talk)
  6. Nellie M. Payne -- Penny Richards (talk)
  7. Anne Roe -- Rosiestep (talk)

Articles improvedEdit

Alphabetical order

  1. A Book of Mediterranean Food -- Dthomsen8 (talk)
  2. Agatha Christie: An Autobiography -- Dthomsen8 (talk)
  3. Alan Alda -- Recordslinger (talk)
  4. Sonia Álvarez Leguizamón -- SusunW (talk)
  5. Carmen de Burgos -- Dthomsen8 (talk)
  6. Chromosomal crossover -- Dthomsen8 (talk)
  7. Cornell University -- Dthomsen8 (talk)
  8. Melania Cristescu -- SusunW (talk)
  9. Joan Maie Freeman -- SusunW (talk)
  10. Dolores Guadalupe García Escamilla -- Dthomsen8 (talk)
  11. Dena Hankins -- Dthomsen8 (talk)
  12. List of 21st-century women scientists -- SusunW (talk)
  13. List of Kansas State University people -- Penny Richards (talk)
  14. List of University of Denver alumni -- Rosiestep (talk)
  15. Elena Arizmendi Mejia -- Dthomsen8 (talk)
  16. Murder of Anni Dewani -- Dthomsen8 (talk)
  17. Belinda Nash -- Dthomsen8 (talk)
  18. New York Academy of Sciences -- Jim.henderson (talk)
  19. Barbara Newhall Follett -- Dthomsen8 (talk)
  20. Nucleic acid sequence -- Dthomsen8 (talk)
  21. Yueh-Lin Loo -- Alexisclements (talk)
  22. Christine Mannhalter -- SusunW (talk)
  23. Grace Manson -- SusunW (talk)
  24. Marie Maynard Daly -- Etlib (talk)
  25. Nellie M Payne -- Alexisclements (talk)
  26. Dorothy Ann Purser -- Dthomsen8 (talk)
  27. Anne Roe -- Dthomsen8 (talk)
  28. Erminnie A. Smith -- Alexisclements (talk)

Editing Wikipedia resourcesEdit

Listed here for quick reference.
N.B. Also located on the Resources page referenced above under Editor Resources See Wikipedia:Meetup/ArtAndFeminism/Resources

Tools and templatesEdit

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