Wang Seokgi (1341–1375) was the youngest son of King Chunghye of Goryeo, from Princess Euncheon[1] and also a Korean Buddhist monk.[2]

Wang Seokgi
Kingdom of Goryeo
Died1375 (aged about 34/5)
Kingdom of Goryeo
Spousea civilian woman
Issue1 son
HouseHouse of Wang
FatherChunghye of Goryeo
MotherPrincess Euncheon
Korean name
Revised RomanizationWang Seok-gi
McCune–ReischauerWang Sŏk-ki

Under King Chungjeong's command, Seokgi went to Mandeok Temple (만덕사, 萬德寺) in Yuan Dynasty, but later get back to Gaegyeong by King Gongmin's command.[3] Meanwhile, in 1356, Seokgi was imprisoned in "Sugunok" (순군옥, 巡軍獄) after tried to rebel and ascended the theone with the help from former general Im Jung-bo (임중보), Son Su-gyeong (손수경), Hong-Jun (홍준), governor Son-Yong (손용) and 6 others were executed.[4] Seokgi was enshrined in Jeju Island and tried to be killed by drowning it in the sea during the convoy, but later was survived in a private manor.

In 1363, Jeon Nok-saeng (전녹생, reported that a man named Wang Seokgi was plotting a rebellion in Pyeongyang and immediately arrested, beheaded, and sent him to Gaegyeong.[5] However, the person who Jeon killed was not Wang Seokgi, but he belonged to his person who accompanied him. King Gongmin hanged his head sent by Gim Yu (김유) to an author and beheaded those who falsely reported the pregnancy of Princess Euncheon. Their close associates were also executed.

After this, Seokgi fled and lived in hiding in a private house owned by Baek Eo-rin (백언린) in Anhyeop (안협, 安峽), married a civilian woman and later had a son.[6] They lived quietly for a while, but in 1375, this fact was known into Yi In-im (이인임), Gyeong Bu-heung (경부흥), Choe Yeong (최영), Choe In-cheol (최인철) and other officials, those made Seokgi and his son were really executed and killed.


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