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The VN-4, nicknamed the "Rhinoceros",[1] is a multi-role light armoured personnel carrier that can be used for police forces, armored troops, peacekeeping and anti-terrorism.

NORINCO VN-4 4x4 VEN.jpg
VN-4s in Caracas, Venezuela on 5 March 2014 during the commemoration of Hugo Chavez's death
TypeArmoured Personnel Carrier
Place of origin China
Service history
Used byOperators
Production history
ManufacturerChongqing Tiema Industries Corporation
Length5.4 m
Width2.4 m
Height2.05 m
Crew2 drivers + 8 soldiers

7.62 mm or 12.7 mm heavy machine gun
3 smoke grenade dischargers
Engine6 cylinder in-line, water cooled, turbocharged diesel engine
Suspensionwheels, 4 x 4
700 km
Speed115 km/h



The VN-4 is produced in China and is manufactured by Chongqing Tiema Industries Corporation, a China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO) company.


The VN-4 is a light armored vehicle that can be outfitted for certain scenarios. It is very mobile with a top speed of 115 km/h and has independent suspension for rough terrain. The armor is welded shut and primarily provides protection from small arms fire and splinters from explosives.


  • Air conditioning is provided to occupants from vents on the roof.
  • Communication systems
  • CTIS (central tyre inflation system)
  • GPS
  • Night vision driving capability
  • Video Surveillance Systems[2][3]

Service historyEdit

Crisis in Bolivarian VenezuelaEdit

In the beginning of 2014, 191 VN-4s existed in Venezuela.[4][5] In 2014, during the 2014 Venezuelan protests, the Venezuelan government ordered 300 additional VN-4 vehicles.[6] The VN-4 was heavily relied upon by the Bolivarian National Guard during the crisis in Bolivarian Venezuela against demonstrators who opposed the government of President Nicolas Maduro.[3] As demonstrations strengthened during the 2017 Venezuelan protests, President Maduro hastily ordered an additional 165 VN-4s from Norinco, paying fully for the equipment which arrived only weeks after the order, with the move being criticized since the low amount of funds allocated toward goods for Venezuelans had resulted with shortages in Venezuela during the preceding years.[7]



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