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Robin S. Taylor

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I have been on Wikipedia for the last five years, making approximately four edits per day (on a broad average). Occasionally I have branched out but largely my work has been on the honorifics and post-nominals of British officeholders. Outside of Wikipedia my ambition is to obtain a degree in Mathematics, at which point I may begin editing the scientific articles as well.

Another page of mine can be found on Wikimedia Commons. [6]

My work on WikipediaEdit

Though my career path has been aimed towards the formal and natural sciences, my edits to this encyclopedia have generally avoided pages on those topics as I do not consider myself to have reached the necessary level of expertise for making contributions on those topics which would not be instantly reverted. Instead my edits have focused on my side hobby - British officeholders.

I have made many hundreds of small edits to the biographies of British politicians, especially the infoboxes at the top and succession boxes at the bottom. I have been keen to make sure that the honorific prefixes (mostly the presence or absence of The Right Honourable) and suffixes (MP, PC, AM, MLA, MEP, MSP) were accurate. Later I branched out to expanding the infoboxes themselves - adding offices previously not mentioned - and finally to creating whole new infoboxes from scratch in articles which previously lacked them. I was especially active during the United Kingdom general election, 2015, when I dedicated a great effort to remove the MP post-nominals from every politician who had them immediately following the dissolution of the 55th parliament. On election night, I of course had to go around putting most of them back again.

I had to repeat this effort during the United Kingdom local elections, 2016 when the Scottish Parliament, National Assembly for Wales and Northern Ireland Assembly all dissolved and a great many pages had to be modified to remove suggestions of incumbency.

My file uploads are increasingly numerous. I made several attempts to find a usable picture of Betty Boothroyd and have found my attempts to illustrate other articles ended in vain. Some of my other uploads have included a portrait of Philip Norton and a diagram of the empty Northern Ireland Assembly during its 2017 election period.

On occasion I have also turned to heraldry (a topic which tends to converge with politics quite frequently). I am well below the league of the great Sodacan but I have had a few minor achievements (Ha!) in this field. The summer of 2018 was a particularly productive period, with more than a hundred new emblazonments.

Coats of armsEdit

See my main Heraldry gallery.

Notable people whom I have metEdit

Notables who knew meEdit

Professor Charles Read was a loose family acquaintance, sharing my father's interest in sailing. As such he visited our house on several occasions in the early half of this decade. In the spring and summer of 2015 he began to incorporate me into his work when he helped me to revise for AS-Level Decision Mathematics, including the Route inspection problem, Game theory, Simplex and the Hungarian algorithm. While on the surface this was to help me pass my examinations with the expected grades, there was also a benefit for himself, for the field of Decision Mathematics was relatively new and Charles had not yet encountered students who had learned it. By tutoring me he was also training himself to work with his next cohort.

Unfortunately he never had the opportunity to use his newly-developed expertise as that August, before the new academic year started, Charles collapsed while jogging in Winnipeg. He was found to have suffered a fatal heart attack. My parents attended his memorial service at the University of Leeds. In 2016 I applied to study there and in November I attended a UCAS day at their School of Chemistry. My father used the occasion to collect some boat components which Charles had left.

Though I am so far yet to attain notability in my own right, I do have one, rather depressing claim to fame: I was Professor Read's last ever pupil. I expect that later in my academic career I will be able to meet many other leading figures in their fields, so I can only hope that Charles' demise is not repeated, lest I be responsible for killing off all of Britain's finest - although it would open up space for me at the top...

Notables who met me onceEdit

Name Portrait Distinction What happened
The Most Revd.
& Rt. Hon. Dr.

John Sentamu
  Archbishop of York His Grace gave an interview to a group of students as part of his pilgrimage of prayer. We were told of how God must make himself known, how the name of marriage would not solve the problems faced by sexual minorities, how religion is so often contrived as an excuse for war and how the traditions of the first century prevented the consecration of women in the twentieth.
Diana Johnson   Member of Parliament for Kingston upon Hull North (Labour) The honourable lady hosted a talk about youth engagement in politics and the EU referendum. Upon learning that I intended to study Chemistry at university she remarked that I could be the next Margaret Thatcher. She quickly caught herself and clarified that she was not calling me a Conservative.

During the 2017 election she appeared at a debate with BBC Look North.

The Right Honourable
Alan Johnson
  Member of Parliament for Kingston upon Hull West and Hessle (Labour) The right honourable gentleman argued for the Remain side in a debate about the United Kingdom European Union membership referendum, 2016, hosted by ITV Calendar. He said that Brexit was not the patriotic British option and that the EU had been a safeguard against war on the continent. He reminded me to watch his appearance on This Week from the night before.
Mike Hookem   Member of the European Parliament for Yorkshire and the Humber (UKIP) Mr Hookem argued for the Leave side in the aforementioned debate. He dismissed the romanticism of "Remanians" and warned students about the dangers of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. In 2017 he contested the Great Grimsby constituency and appeared on the panel at a BBC Look North debate.
The Right Honourable Professor
The Lord Norton of Louth
  Professor of Government at the University of Hull
Member of the Lords Temporal (Conservative)
The noble lord gave a presentation entitled "What is Politics?" in which he explained the importance of politics and British democracy as well as describing his role in the House of Lords. After the session had finished, he fulfilled my request for a photograph of him which could be used in his own Wikipedia page.
Michael Foale
  Astronaut and astrophysicist Dr. Foale gave a presentation to the college about his career path to NASA and his experience in space. The speech was interrupted by a fire alarm, so we concluded his encounter in the car park. He told me that space travel would really kick off once valuable commodities could be mined from other planets.
Peter Levy   Television presenter Mr. Levy hosted a debate at St' Mary's College with four parliamentary candidates in the United Kingdom general election, 2017. He claimed we were the best audience he'd ever had.
Victoria Atkins   Parliamentary candidate for Louth & Horncastle (Conservative) Mrs. Atkins represented her party at the debate. She put forward Theresa May as an asset in European negotiations and praised her courage in tackling the problems of social care funding. She said she identified with the Conservatives for their support of low taxation and free markets.
Susan Lea
  Vice-Chancellor, University of Hull Professor Lea made a brief appearance at a congregation of school and faculty representatives in the student union building.
James Graham   Playwright Mr Graham gave an "Inspired in Hull" lecture about his theatre and televisual career.
Professor Peter Cameron   Professor of Mathematics at the University of St Andrews Gave the 2018 Venn Lecture at the University of Hull, talking about the commutative law, imaginary numbers and public keys.
The Right Honourable Dominic Grieve   Attorney General for England and Wales 2010-2014 Gave the annual law and politics lecture to speak about Britain's history of human rights legislation.
Dill Faulkes   Philanthropist Gave an "Inspired in Hull" lecture about encouraging young people to take up work in the sciences.
Professor Danny Dorling   Social geographer Gave a talk on "What Brexit Tells Us About The British" showing how demographics of the EU referendum had been misinterpreted and how the United Kingdom was in many ways an economic outlier among European states.
Andy Haldane
  Chief Economist of the Bank of England Gave a talk about the history of economic growth and the future of employment.

Notables whom I've seen in personEdit

At GCSE Science Live in 2013, I watched presentations by:

Later that year I got a wave from His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales during one of his tours. I'm sure I also brushed past Graham Stuart MP at said event.

In November 2017, I got within two metres of Her Majesty The Queen after she opened the Allam Medical Building.

Notables who follow my blogEdit

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