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What I do for WikipediaEdit

I mostly work on photography-related articles. My contributions, described in other people's words: " the page is clearly stronger because of your encouragement/edits. I really appreciate it! It's lovely to have folks like you making so many wikipedia pages for photographers and photography-related folks" -here

Wikipedia articles I started / wroteEdit

Photographers and photography related peopleEdit

Photography organisations, publishers, galleries, collectives, etcEdit

Photography (other)Edit

Other subjectsEdit

Wikipedia articles I expanded significantly from stubs or created from redirectsEdit

Helpful pages for editingEdit


Wikipedia editing reflected beyond WikipediaEdit

  • 2012 – After I'd created, the company Wonga began toning the article down, removing some of the claims about their unfair business practices. I did not know enough about economics to refute their persistent changes, so I did nothing and intended to learn about economics. Eventually other people noticed and The Guardian took up the story. Their revelations became big news in the media.


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Dear Lopifalko,  
I am grateful to you for all the constructive improvements you have applied to the article on Clive Barda. Thank you for all your contributions to our encyclopedia, and for all you do in support of your fellow editors.
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