I am a senior research scientist working for Schlumberger's research lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. I work on communication systems for remote geophysical measurements and manipulations over a variety of medium: pressure pulse propagation, acoustics, EM, etc.

I received my PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT. My thesis work was titled Economical Sampling of Parametric Signals. I worked on nonlinear sampling theory. I am also interested in coding theory, wireless communication and signal processing.

Previously I was at UC Berkeley and Purdue, and sometime visitor at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland. I lived in Bandung, Indonesia half a lifetime ago, and in addition to my current home in Cambridge, MA / Somerville, MA have lived for non-trivial periods of time in West Lafayette, Indiana, Berkeley, California, Lausanne, and Houston, Texas.

A Cyfac Nerv bike, built with Campagnolo.

In my spare time I enjoy cycling on my Cyfac road bike. I closely follow one-day classics races. Unlike many other cycling fans, I do not care much for Grand Tours (cycling) such as Tour de France, although I find the Giro d'Italia and Vuelta a Espana interesting to watch.

My favorite three races are:

Of the many great cyclists of today, I particularly like Damiano Cunego, Philippe Gilbert, Tom Boonen, and Alejandro Valverde. As you can tell, I like attacking and tactically savvy cyclists.

Some research work summaryEdit

  • Sampling theory: I have contributed to the theory (and perhaps practice) of signal acquisition based on the finite rate of innovation framework.
  • Information theory of databases: I have an ongoing collaboration with MIT on the information theory of databases, or more specifically on synchronizing different versions of a document.
  • Multi-user communication: I did some work on multi-user communication, but no longer have an active research effort (at least not in the public domain).

Use of my imagesEdit

All the images that I uploaded are my own personal photos, and I release them under GFDL, unless otherwise noted. Please don't just indiscriminately delete my images off Wikipedia just because they were uploaded before I had a chance to tag them.

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