United Peasant Party

The United Peasant Party (Serbian: Ujedinjena seljačka stranka (USS); Serbian Cyrillic: Уједињена сељачка странка) is a political party in Serbia. Its primary area of strength is in the municipality of Svrljig.

United Peasant Party

Уједињена сељачка странка
LeaderMilija Miletić
Founded15 February 2000
Youth wingUnited Peasant Youth
Social democracy
Political positionCentre-left
National Assembly
1 / 250


According to the party's website, the United Peasant Party was founded in Belgrade in 2000 via a merger of three small peasant parties. At the party's founding meeting, Dragoslav Avramović agreed to be its honorary president; he died the following year. The USS won representation on the Svrljig municipal council in the 2000 local elections, and local party leader Milija Miletić became mayor of the municipality in 2008.[1]

The USS was not formally registered as a political party until 2010; prior to this time, it was designated as a Citizen's Group. Miletić was recognized as the party's leader on its official formation and continues to hold this position as of 2018. He is the first and, as of 2018, the only member of the USS to have served in the National Assembly of Serbia, having been first elected in the 2014 Serbian parliamentary election on the electoral list of the Serbian Progressive Party and re-elected on the same list in the 2016. He sits in a parliamentary group with members of the Movement of Socialists and the People's Peasant Party and is a supporter of Serbia's Progressive-led government.[2]


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