Tennis at the 1900 Summer Olympics

Four tennis events were contested at the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris, France. These were played at the Cercle des Sports de l'Île de Puteaux.

Tennis at the 1900 Summer Olympics
Date6–11 July 1900
SurfaceRed clay
LocationCercle des Sports, Île de Puteaux
Men's Singles
 Laurence Doherty (GBR)
Women's Singles
 Charlotte Cooper (GBR)
Men's Doubles
 Laurence Doherty / Reginald Doherty (GBR)
Mixed Doubles
 Charlotte Cooper / Reginald Doherty (GBR)
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Medal summaryEdit


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's singles
  Laurence Doherty (GBR)   Harold Mahony (GBR)   Reginald Doherty (GBR)
  Arthur Norris (GBR)
Men's doubles
  Laurence Doherty
and Reginald Doherty (GBR)
  Mixed team (ZZX)
  Max Décugis (FRA) and
  Basil Spalding de Garmendia (USA)
  Guy de la Chapelle
and André Prévost (FRA)
  Harold Mahony
and Arthur Norris (GBR)
Women's singles
  Charlotte Cooper (GBR)   Hélène Prévost (FRA)   Marion Jones (USA)
  Hedwiga Rosenbaumová (BOH)
Mixed doubles
  Great Britain (GBR)
Charlotte Cooper
Reginald Doherty
  Mixed team (ZZX)
  Hélène Prévost (FRA)
  Harold Mahony (GBR)
  Mixed team (ZZX)
  Marion Jones (USA)
  Laurence Doherty (GBR)
  Mixed team (ZZX)
  Hedwiga Rosenbaumová (BOH)
  Archibald Warden (GBR)

Medal tableEdit

1  Great Britain (GBR)4138
2  Mixed team (ZZX)0224
3  France (FRA)0112
4  Bohemia (BOH)0011
  United States (USA)0011
Totals (5 nations)44816

Participating nationsEdit

A total of 26 players from 4 nations competed at the Paris Games:



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