Teletón is a charity event held in Chile on a yearly basis since 1978. It is usually held during the first week of December, unless a political election occurs at the same time. The major Chilean television networks hold a 27-hour transmission, to raise funds to help children with developmental disabilities (most commonly cerebral palsy) treated at Instituto de Rehabilitación Infantil ("Infant Rehabilitation Institute") centers of the Fundación Teletón. In Chile, the transmission of Teletón is an event of national unity [1] and, proportionately, the most widely watched telethon in the world.[citation needed]

Logo of Teletón (Chilean telethon)
Volunteers of Teletón in an activity developed within the framework of the charity event in Chile (2007)
Location(s)Santiago, Chile
Years active1978–1982; 1985-present
InauguratedDecember 8, 1978; 44 years ago (1978-12-08)
FounderDon Francisco, Ernesto Rosenfeld (Chairman of Sociedad Pro-Ayuda al Niño Lisiado)
Most recentNovember 4-5, 2022
Next eventNovember 10-11, 2023
Organized byFundación Teletón (1986-present), Sociedad Pro-Ayuda al Niño Lisiado (1978-1986)

Since the first telethon, over US$286 million has been raised, and 14 rehabilitation centers have been built in the cities of Arica, Iquique, Antofagasta, Calama, Copiapó, Coquimbo, Valparaíso, Santiago, Talca, Concepción, Temuco, Valdivia, Puerto Montt and Coyhaique.

During the annual event, local and worldwide stars participate in live events across the country. Teletón has been hosted by television personality Mario Kreutzberger, best known by his stage name Don Francisco, since the first event, aired in 1978. Each year, a poster child is elected to become the face of the charity.

With the exception of the initial Teletón in 1978, each year's goal is set to be exactly the total amount raised in the previous event, in the spirit of increasing the funds available to the Foundation to account for increased inflation and overall maintenance costs. Up until now, the goal has been reached and surpassed on all Teletón versions with the exception of 1995's, were the final account was roughly 12% short of that year's goal.

Telethons edit

View of the Teletón Santiago rehabilitation institute.
Year Dates Slogan Poster
Goal[2] Donations
±% US$[3]
1978 December  8-9 Let's make the miracle happen (Logremos el milagro) Jane Hermosilla CL$30,790,000 CL$84,361,838 173.99 US$5,421,619
1979 November  30 - December  1 Let's repeat the Incredible (Repitamos lo increíble) Valeria Arias CL$84,361,838 CL$138,728,450 64.44 US$6,464,132
1980 December  5-6 Standing for hope (De pie la esperanza) José Morales CL$138,728,450 CL$176,420,628 27.17 US$6,245,644
1981 December  11-12 Together, everything is possible (Juntos, todo es posible) Ana María Cortés CL$176,420,628 CL$202,436,220 14.75 US$6,451,607
1982 December  10-11 The last step, the most important (El último paso, el más importante) Francisco Muñoz CL$202,436,220 CL$263,402,022 30.12 US$6,997,535
1985 December  6-7 Everybody's miracle (El milagro de todos) Víctor Muñoz CL$263,402,022 CL$368,495,845 39.90 US$5,118,424
1987 December  4-5 To believe in life (Para creer en la vida) Víctor Torres CL$368,495,845 CL$502,293,311 36.31 US$4,849,540
1988 December  2-3 It's everyone's task (Es tarea de todos) Rodrigo Cáceres CL$502,293,311 CL$711,712,019 41.69 US$6,193,670
1990 December  7-8 Nobody can miss (Nadie puede faltar) Daniela Muñoz CL$711,712,019 CL$1,153,291,010 62.04 US$6,404,372
1991 November  29-30 Thanks to you (Gracias a usted) Ángela Castro CL$1,153,291,010 CL$1,803,923,485 56.42 US$8,501,810
1992 November  27-28 There is so much to do (Hay tanto por hacer) Nicolás Sánchez CL$1,803,923,485 CL$2,874,230,697 59.33 US$11,882,333
1994 December  2-3 The commitment of Chile (El compromiso de Chile) Loreto Manzanero CL$2,874,230,697 CL$3,640,286,169 26.65 US$12,333,809
1995 December  1-2 Our great work (Nuestra gran obra) Marcel Cáceres CL$6,277,027,832 CL$5,534,774,829 -11.82 US$17,332,596
1996 December  6-7 Another step forward (Otro paso adelante) Nicole Núñez CL$5,534,774,829 CL$5,692,426,301 2.85 US$16,730,177
1998 December  4-5 We're all in (Todos contamos) Scarlett Barrientos CL$5,692,426,301 CL$6,029,912,577 5.93 US$15,990,236
2000 December  1-2 A challenge for the Chileans (Un desafío para los chilenos) Ignacio Soto CL$6,029,912,577 CL$6,772,445,028 12.31 US$16,727,665
2002 November  29-30 Teletón is yours (La Teletón es tuya) Kimberly Cruz CL$10,000,000,000 CL$10,532,480,521 5.32 US$24,513,946
2003 November  21-22 Remember, it's yours! (¡Acuérdate, es tuya!) Camilo Valverde CL$10,532,480,521 CL$10,600,000,000 0.64 US$24,438,268
2004 December  3-4 They depend on you (Ellos dependen de ti) Catalina Paillamilla CL$10,600,000,000 CL$11,403,914,256 7.58 US$25,655,022
2006 December  1-2 With all our heart (Con todo el corazón) Kelly Rodríguez CL$11,403,914,256 CL$11,804,425,008 3.51 US$25,094,611
2007 November  30 - December  1 You are in each step (En cada paso estás Tú) Matías Calderón CL$11,804,425,008 CL$13,255,231,970 12.29 US$26,228,248
2008 November  28-29 Thanks to you, we can keep going (Gracias a ti, podemos seguir) Catalina Aranda CL$13,255,231,970 CL$16,589,850,127 25.16 US$32,826,487
2010 December  3-4 Chile, one heart (Chile, un solo corazón) Cristóbal Galleguillos CL$16,589,850,127 CL$18,890,559,347 13.87 US$39,205,104
2011 December  2-3 With the strength of heart (Con la fuerza del corazón) Isidora Guzmán CL$18,890,559,347 CL$21,735,065,277 15.06 US$42,308,343
2012 November  30 - December  1 Fully heart (Puro corazón) Sebastián Montalván CL$21,735,065,277 CL$25,445,520,245 17.07 US$53,017,023
2014 November  28-29 We are all (Somos todos) Matías Torres CL$25,445,520,245 CL$28,176,895,804 10.73 US$58,707,982
2015 November  27-28 We do it all (La hacemos todos) Antonella Alcántara CL$28,176,895,804 CL$30,601,978,621 8.61 US$42,740,194
2016 December  2-3 The hug of Chile (El abrazo de Chile) Vicente Jopia CL$30,601,978,621 CL$32,040,178,848 4.70 US$47,748,585
2017 December  1-2 Everyone's Hug (El abrazo de Todos) Amylee Olivia CL$32,040,178,848 CL$32,522,991,111 1,50 US$50,398,238
2018 November  30 - December  1 The Gift of Everyone (El Regalo de Todos) Florencia Catalán CL$32,522,991,111 CL$32,851,438,341 1,01 US$41,064,297
2020 April 3–4[a]
#AccompaniesYou (#TeAcompaña) Bastian Pinto No goal CL$34,703,593,204 US$40,096,601
2021 December  3-4 #Everyday (#TodosLosDías) Ian Vega and Renata Ulloa CL$34,703,593,204 CL$35,248,655,075 US$44,060,818
2022 November 4-5[b]
Maithe Ilabaca CL$35,248,655,075 CL$37,327,475,057 1,06 US$41,806,772
2023 November 10-11[c]
Amanda Meléndez CL$37,327,475,057 CL$38,044,459,976 US$

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Notes edit

  1. ^ It was going to take place on November 29-30, 2019, but due to the protests in Chile, it was decided to postpone it to April 3-4, 2020.
  2. ^ Originally, the 2022 campaign was going to take place on December 2-3, but due to the dates of the 2022 FIFA World Cup matches in Qatar, it was decided that the solidarity campaign would take place on November 4-5.
  3. ^ Originally, the 2023 campaign was going to take place on December 1-2, but due to the preparations for the 2023 Parapan American Games in Santiago, it was decided that the solidarity campaign would take place on November 10 and 11.

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