Telethon 1992 is the 11th version of the solidarity campaign conducted in Chile, which took place on 27 and 28 November 1992. The theme of this version was "There is so much to do." The goal was reached with $ 2,512,056,801 (at that time, later the total was released as $ 2,874,230,697). The poster boy was Nicholas Sanchez.

Chilean Telethon's logo

The event ended with a Brazilian-Style Carnival finale, with traditional costume and traditional dancing. It would be the end of the old era, entering the New Era in 1994.[clarification needed]

Sponsors edit

Company Product Donation (in pesos)
Ace Detergents $23.000.000
Banco de Chile Banking $39.473.000
Cachantún Mineral Water $26.517.825
Cerveza Cristal Beer $27.339.164
Colún Cheese $26.197.798
Confort Toilet Paper $31.500.000
Copec Petroleum $33.000.000
Dos en Uno (Clipper) Chocolates $33.588.875
Fanta Soft Drinks $27.000.000
Jabón Moncler Soap $24.352.000
Johnson's Clothes Tailoring $23.114.000
Linic Shampoo $25.370.000
Lucchetti Cakes $27.241.369
Odontine Toothpaste $29.186.490
Otto Kraus Children's Games $22.643.128
Panadol Analgesics $22.600.000
Pisco Control Fish Products $28.123.254
Ripley Chain Stores $23.080.561
Savory Ice Creams $22.569.600
Soda Costa Biscuits $28.538.796
Soprole Milk $24.056.222
Soprole Yoghurt $31.190.850
Super Pollo Chicken Products $28.956.747
Té Supremo Tea $26.364.424
Winter Meat Products $28.162.675
Zuko Powdered Drinks $25.154.369
Total Donation $708.321.147

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