The 2010 Chilean telethon was the 23rd version of this telethon, the aim this year being to raise funds for the rehabilitation of children with motor disabilities. The event, which aired over 27 consecutive hours through the Chilean television channels grouped in the National Television Association (Anatel), was broadcast live from the Telethon Theatre on December 3 and 4 and from the National Stadium in its final segments, and was produced and directed by Mauricio Correa. The poster child was Cristóbal Galleguillos, born with no upper limbs and malformed legs. It is the second national telethon after the Chile helps Chile, aired in March of that year, to be broadcast in HDTV. This version was performed 2 years after the previous because in December 2009 parliamentary and presidential elections took place. This was the first telethon to be held during the first government of Sebastián Piñera and as 2010 marked the nation's bicentennial year, it marked a historic climax to a year of celebrations and television specials, with the year's edition being a gift to the millions of Chileans who had helped the campaign through the decades.[1][2]

Chilean Telethon's logo

After almost 28 hours of uninterrupted transmission, the amount collected during was CL$ 18,890,559,347 (USD$ 39,167,654), beating, a 13.87%, the original goal. On 21 December, the Fundación Teletón's Directorate gave the final figure achieved in this campaign, reaching a total of CL$24,420,293,420 (USD$50,632,995), 47.20% above the goal set.[3]

Sponsors edit

Company Product/service Amount in pesos Amount in dollars Amount in euros
Aceite Belmont Oils $95,000,000 $196,973 €146,863
Banco de Chile Bank $1,000,000,000 $2,073,398 €1,545,927
Campanario Pisco $331,086,511 $686,474 €511,836
Cerveza Cristal Beer
Pepsi Soft drinks
Nestlé Pure Life Bottled water
Claro Telecommunications $205,747,002 $426,595 €318,070
Colún Dairy products $108,733,244 $224,981 €168,094
Confort Toilet paper $260,000,000 $539,084 €401,941
LadySoft Sanitary napkins
Copec Gas stations $227,109,000 $470,887 €351,094
Daily Gotas Artificial sweeteners $120,000,000 $248,808 €185,511
IP Chile Professional institute $100,699,144 $208,789 €155,674
LAN Airlines Airline $210,000,000 $435,414 €324,645
Livean Juice powder $212,500,000 $440,597 €328,510
Lucchetti Pastas
Los Héroes Benefit society $300,000,000 $622,019 €463,778
Mabe Home electronics $85,722,400 $177,737 €132,521
Omo Detergents $119,830,000 $248,455 €185,248
Packard Bell Computers $100,235,431 $207,828 €154,957
Pampers Diapers $100,000,000 $207,340 €154,593
Ripley Department stores $335,000,000 $694,588 €517,886
Sodimac Retail stores $460,000,000 $957,910 €714,218
Soprole Dairy products $255,000,000 $528,717 €394,211
Tapsin Pharmaceuticals $100,245,933 $207,850 €154,973
Té Supremo Tea $112,000,000 $232,221 €173,144

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