The 1998 Chilean telethon (December 4-5, 1988) was the 15th version of the solidarity campaign conducted in Chile. The theme of this version was "We All Matter." Happily surpassing the target, raising CL$ 6,029,912,577 (Total at 00:57 on December 6, delivered at the National Stadium of Chile). the poster girl was Scarlett Barrientos. This edition was performed after 24 months without Telethon, because in December 1997 Chilean parliamentary elections were held.

Chilean Telethon's logo

As a curiosity, TVN had a strike during the buildup to the show. It was due to proposed salary reductions affecting all employees of the state channel. The strike caused Channel 13 to send their cameramen to cover the transmission with TVN cameras, otherwise it would have had to suspend nearly half of the show. Mario Kreutzberger, in an interview on Teletrece, thanked Channel 13 for carrying out this action. However, state television reached an agreement at 0:00 on December 6, 1998, almost when the Telethon was finished.

"Let me take this moment to give special thanks to Channel 13, not because I belong to Channel 13, but because Channel 13 at the last minute covered much of the transmission with equipment that if we had not had, we would have had to suspend nearly half the show for reasons everybody knows."

It was also the teleton's 20th anniversary year.

For some of the parts during the event, were broadcast from the Hyatt Hotel auditorium in Santiago

Two countries with the same dream edit

It was a coincidence that year that just as Chile was making the 15th Telethon, in Mexico on the same day the 2nd edition of the Mexican Telethon was being made, with the famous artist and singer Lucero as leading entertainer. This permitted three contacts to be made between the two programs via satellite, these link-ups were made at 03:00, 11:30, and 18:30, Chile Summer Time (GMT-3), on December 5. During these links, both countries mutually dedicated songs of encouragement to motivate both the Chilean and the Mexican public, in addition the entertainers exchanged information about the progress of their collections.

Computing edit

Time Total en pesos
22.16 (Dec. 4)[1] $ 10,479
23.40 $ 171,826,314
05.03 (Dec. 5) $ 341,940,275
11.00 $ 600,103,059
13.30 $ 849,368,110
16.18 $ 1,299,193,432
19.01 $ 1,950,774,305
19.37 $ 2,301,420,662
20.25 $ 2,743,622,981
21.09 $ 3,289,421,688
22.29 $ 3,609,336,438
23.04 $ 4,045,075,519
23.31 $ 4,480,670,315
00.08 (Dec. 6) $ 4,947,131,908
00.34 $ 5,420,783,116
00.57 $ 6,029,912,577

Sponsors edit

Company Product Donation (in pesos)
188 CTC Mundo Telephone Services $103,100,188
Arroz Tucapel Rice $44,295,920
Babysan de Pampers Baby's Nappies $46,195,905
Banco de Chile Banking $110,000,000
Bilz y Pap Beer $60,225,255
Bon o Bon de Arcor Cakes $41,585,400
Cachantun Mineral Water $45,336,855
Cerveza Cristal Beer $62,416,787
Cocinero Trisol Cooking Oil $44,051,579
Colún Cheese $43,371,136
Dos en Uno Biscuits $57,920,394
Elite Toilet Paper $50,470,800
Hasbro Toys $37,401,309
Imán de Lotería Betting $78,635,926
Johnson's Clothes Clothing $40,140,000
Laboratorio Chile Pharmaceuticals $73,267,500
Lan Chile Airline $107,000,000
Líder (Tarea) Supermarket $201,724,403
Lomitón Fast Food $142,500,000
Lucchetti Cakes $44,000,000
Omo Detergent $62,548,650
Pepsodent Toothpaste $60,361,791
Ripley Chainstore $40,190,825
Savory Icecreams $42,300,000
Shampoo Linic Shampoo $52,325,470
Soprole Milk and Yoghurt $85,149,937
Super Pollo Chicken Products $48,504,642
Té Supremo Tea $41,931,470
Zuko Powdered Drinks $40,570,000
Donación total - $1,907,522,742

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  1. ^ First donation made by the poster girl, Telethon, 1998.

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