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Arcor is an Argentine food company specialized in confectionery. The firm was founded on July 5, 1951 in the city of Arroyito, Córdoba. It specializes in the production of foodstuff, sugar and chocolate confectionery, cookies and ice cream in 39 industrial plants throughout Latin America. It is the world's top producer of hard candies[5] and the tenth-biggest confectionery manufacturer overall.[6] In Argentina, Arcor is the largest producer of processed foods, and its products are exported to over 120 countries.[7]

Grupo Arcor
Public (S.A.I.C.)
IndustryFood processing
Founded5 July 1951; 68 years ago (1951-07-05)
FounderFulvio Pagani
Area served
Key people
Luis Pagani, Chairman & CEO
Food, candies, chocolates, cookies, marmalades, desserts.
La Campagnola[3]
Revenue3.2 billion USD (2015)[4]
Number of employees
SubsidiariesDos en Uno
Mastellone Hnos.

In 2012 Arcor ranked 1st. amongst the 100 most valuable companies of Argentina, according to the opinion of CEOs, financial analysts and journalists specialised in economics.[8]



Arcor was created on 5 July 1951 when a group of entrepreneurs, sons of Italian immigrants, opened the first candy factory in Arroyito, Córdoba Province. They decided to call it Arcor, a name made from the combination of the first two letters of the word "Arroyito" and the first three of "Córdoba".

In 1958, Arcor reached 60,000 kg of daily confectionery production and started producing different product lines

Arcor continued its expansion throughout South America by opening in 1995 a large candy manufacturing plant in Peru.

In 1997, Arcor acquired LIA, a cookies company in Argentina and inaugurated the Arcor Museum in Arroyito, province of Cordoba.

In 1998, Arcor Group acquired Dos en Uno, a Chilean leading company of sugar and chocolate confectionery, with a strong presence in the region.

The political and economic crises which the large Argentine agro-industrial companies suffered by the end of 2001, hit Arcor badly. Arcor was able to restructure its debt on December 1, 2008 with up to 5-year financing.

Arcor Group settled in Europe in 2002 through the opening of commercial offices in Barcelona, Spain.

Brands and productsEdit

Arcor Group Foodstuff Division participates in more than 12 categories, including: jams and marmalades, fruit paste, sauces and canned tomatoes, tomato purees, canned vegetables, canned fish, beverages, mixes, polenta, dressings, oils and fruits, among others.

The following is a list containing the brands and its products, manufactured and/or commercialized by Arcor:[9]

Brand Products
Arcor Marmalades, jams, powdered desserts, oils, sauces, tuna, canned fruits and vegetables,
biscuits, crackers, tomato purée, breakfast cereal, turrón
Aguila Alfajor, chocolate, ice creams
Bagley Biscuits, wafers, crackers, snacks
Bon-o-Bon Alfajor, chocolate, wafers, ice creams, turrón
Butter Toffees Candies
Cereal Mix Granola bars, biscuits, crackers
Cofler Alfajor, chocolate, wafers, ice creams
Dulciora Marmalades
Generator Rex Chololate
Godet Powdered ice cream, jelly, flan, dessert, sponge cake
Kopa Ice creams
La Campagnola Marmalades, juices, canned fruits and vegetables, tuna,
salads, dulce de membrillo and batata, ice creams
Maná Biscuits
Menthoplus Candies
Mister Pop's Lollipops, ice creams
Mogul Candies, ice creams
Poncho Negro Dulce de leche
Presto Pronta Polenta
Push! Juices
Rocklets Smarties, ice creams
Saladix Snacks
Salsati Tomato sauce, tomato purée
Ser Crackers
Serranitas Crackers
Tatín Alfajor
Tofi Alfajor, chocolate, ice creams
Topline Bubble gum
Tortitas Cookies
Tortuguita Wafers


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