The 2016 Chilean telethon (Spanish: Teletón 2016) is the 28th version of the solidarity campaign to be held in Chile, which wants to raise funds for the rehabilitation of children with motor disabilities. It will be held from the Teatro Teletón from 22:00 on Friday, December 2 until 21:00 on Saturday, December 3 and from Julio Martínez National Stadium from 22:00 in its final stretch. The child symbol or "ambassador" of this edition is Vicente Jopia. Its slogan is El abrazo de Chile (The hug of Chile).

Logo of Teletón (Chilean telethon)

The event ended fulfilling the goal with a final count of CLP32,040,179,848.

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The transmission of the event will be held jointly by all television channels grouped in the National Association of Television of Chile (ANATEL):

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