The 1987 Chilean telethon was the seventh version of the solidarity campaign conducted in Chile, which took place on 4 and 5 December 1987. The theme of this version was "To Believe in Life." The poster boy was Victor Torres.

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This Telethon came out after a year's absence. The 1986 edition was suspended due to various reasons.

That year also saw disasters: floods and storms in central Chile, as well as attacks and protests, but again that did not stop the exceeding of the target in 1985: $502,293,311.

Justifications for the suspension of the 1986 edition edit

  • First, 1986 saw changes to the Teletón's administration. These included the creation of a new organizing firm, the Fundación Teletón, and the reconstruction and enlargement that took place in the Teatro Casino, which was renamed to Teatro Teletón and given to the foundation.
  • The second reason is due to time constraints related to Don Francisco, host of the Chilean Teletón. This was because its main show, Sábado Gigante (which had already 24 years in Canal 13), would be exported to Spanish International Network (later Univision) in the United States, and since 2 editions had to be produced in one week (1 for each network), less time was left for Don Francisco's other projects, the Teletón included.
  • The third and final reason is due to the events in that year, which included the disasters mentioned above, and the hosting of the 1986 South American Games.

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In the Children's Section edit

  • The 1987 edition saw a recording of children's TV programmes then airing that year aired.

Transmission edit

As with previous years, the Teletón was broadcast through all of the TV networks existing back then in Chile.

However, this edition marked the debut of Canal 9, the secondary channel of Televisión Nacional de Chile, which began its experimental transmissions in 1986.

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  1. ^ Two MTVs of the song were produced, one with Plaza and the nation's leading newsreaders, and another all-star version from the Teleton Theater with Plaza and various artists

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