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tevyası: tevya: spruce or bimah?Edit

The original version of this article was written in Turkish (!) and included this sentence:

  • Portatif olan tevyası hekal duvarına kaldırılıp tora dolabı ile bütünleştirilmiştir.

The first version to render this in English translated this sentence to

  • The portable tevya of Synagogue coalesce with tora cabinet.

This was later revised to

I was suspicious of the word tevya to refer to the bimah, so I attempted to use Google Translate to find Turkish or Hebrew word like tevya for any of the words (stage, lectern, dais, podium, platform) and failing this, I used Google translate from Turkish to English and found olan tevyası translates to "spruce" and hekal duvarına translates to "wall". So, I edited it to

  • The portable spruce wall of the synagogue merges with the torah ark.

But then while editing Bema I found

  • Among the Sephardim, it is known as a tevah (literally 'box, case' in Hebrew)[1] or migdal-etz[2] ('tower of wood').[3]
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  3. ^ Wischnitzer, Rachel (1964). The architecture of the European synagogoue. Jewish Publication Society of America. p. 34.

Steinmetz says

  • Among Ashkenazim it is called a bimah, and among Sephardim, a tevah.

Gutmann says

  • Later Sephardi structures in Holland England and featured a bimah (called tevah) which ...

Wischnitzer's book does not include the word teva or tevya according to a search on the Google Boooks page.

The original Turkish source for this mysterious sentence is

which includes this sentence:

  • 20. yy'da İtalyan etkisi ile uygulamaya başlanan yeni plan şeması Sinyara Giveret Havrasında da denenmiştir, portatif olan tevyası hekal duvarına kaldırılıp tora dolabı ile bütünleştirilmiştir.

which Google Translate renders as:

  • The new plan scheme, which was introduced in the 20th century with Italian influence, was also tried in the Sinara Giveret Havaş, portable tevi has been removed to the wall of the hekkal and integrated with the tora cabinet.

Perhaps someone knowledgeable in Turkish can help here. Spruce wall? tevah/bimah? What are we talking about? —Anomalocaris (talk) 22:32, 30 May 2017 (UTC)