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Article Assessment

The WikiProject Judaism article assessment system is used to rate and improve articles under WP Judaism. We use the standard Wikipedia rating system, as follows.
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Frequently asked questionsEdit

See also the general assessment FAQ
1. What is the purpose of the article ratings? 
The rating system allows the project to monitor the quality of articles in our subject areas, and to prioritize work on these articles. It is also utilized by the Wikipedia 1.0 program to prepare for static releases of Wikipedia content. Please note, however, that these ratings are primarily intended for the internal use of the project, and do not necessarily imply any official standing within Wikipedia as a whole.
2. How do I add an article to the WikiProject? 
Just add {{WikiProject Judaism}} to the talk page; there's no need to do anything else.
3. Someone put a {{WikiProject Judaism}} template on an article, but it doesn't seem to be within the project's scope. What should I do? 
Because of the large number of articles we deal with, we occasionally make mistakes and add tags to articles that shouldn't have them. If you notice one, feel free to remove the tag, and optionally leave a note on the project talk page (or directly with the person who tagged the article).
4. Who can assess articles? 
Any member of WikiProject Judaism is free to add—or change—the rating of an article. Editors who are not participants in this project are also welcome to assess articles, but should defer to consensus within the project in case of procedural disputes.
5. How do I rate an article? 
Check the quality scale and select the level that best matches the state of the article; then, follow the instructions below to add the rating to the project banner on the article's talk page. Please note that some of the available levels have an associated formal review process; this is documented in the assessment scale.
6. Why didn't the reviewer leave any comments? 
Unfortunately, due to the volume of articles that need to be assessed, we are unable to leave detailed comments in most cases. If you have particular questions, you might ask the person who assessed the article; they will usually be happy to provide you with their reasoning.
7. What if I don't agree with a rating? 
You can ask any member of the project to rate the article again. Please note that some of the available levels have an associated formal review process; this is documented in the assessment scale.
8. Aren't the ratings subjective? 
Yes, they are somewhat subjective, but it's the best system we've been able to devise. If you have a better idea, please don't hesitate to let us know!


How To Assess an ArticleEdit

An article's assessment is generated from the class parameter in the WikiProject Judaism project banner on the article's talk page. Articles for which a valid class is not provided are listed in Category:Unassessed Judaism articles. At present, there are over ? Judaism articles that need assessment (e.g., that need to have a class inserted in the class parameter of the template).

Judaism articles to be assessed have some aspects of the template on their talk page, but the template may be incomplete. First, select an article from the list at Category:Unassessed Judaism articles. Then, look over the article in anticipation of filling out the parameters of the Judaism template. Next, replace the WikiProject Judaism template on the article talk page with the following:

{{WikiProject Judaism 

The above {{WikiProject Judaism}} template has all the answers that you will need for most situations. From your review of the article, delete those answers and parameters that do not fit the article. Then, fill in the listas parameter (e.g., last name, first name), then save. And, you are done!

Class parameterEdit

An article's quality assessment is generated from the class parameter in the {{WikiProject Judaism}} project banner on its talk page:

{{WikiProject Judaism|class=???}}

The following values may be used for the class parameter to describe the quality of the article (see Wikipedia:Quality scale for assessment criteria):

FA (for featured articles only; adds articles to Category:FA-Class Judaism articles) Featured article FA 
A (adds articles to Category:A-Class Judaism articles) A-Class article A 
GA (for good articles only; adds articles to Category:GA-Class Judaism articles)  GA 
B (adds articles to Category:B-Class Judaism articles) B-Class article B 
C (adds articles to Category:C-Class Judaism articles) C-Class article C 
Start (adds articles to Category:Start-Class Judaism articles) Start-Class article Start 
Stub (adds articles to Category:Stub-Class Judaism articles) Stub-Class article Stub 
FL (for featured lists only; adds articles to Category:FL-Class Judaism articles) Featured list FL 
List (adds articles to Category:List-Class Judaism articles)  List 

For pages that are not articles, the following values can also be used for the class parameter:

Book (for Wikipedia books; adds pages to Category:Book-Class Judaism articles) Wikipedia Book Book 
Category (for categories; adds pages to Category:Category-Class Judaism articles) Category page Category 
Disambig (for disambiguation pages; adds pages to Category:Disambig-Class Judaism articles) Disambiguation page Disambig 
Draft (for drafts; adds pages to Category:Draft-Class Judaism articles)  Draft 
FM (for files; adds pages to Category:FM-Class Judaism articles) Featured media FM 
File (for files and timed text; adds pages to Category:File-Class Judaism articles)  File 
Redirect (for redirect pages; adds pages to Category:Redirect-Class Judaism articles) Redirect page Redirect 
Portal (for portal pages; adds pages to Category:Portal-Class Judaism articles)  Portal 
Project (for project pages; adds pages to Category:Project-Class Judaism articles)  Project 
Template (for templates and modules; adds pages to Category:Template-Class Judaism articles)  Template 
NA (for any other pages where assessment is unnecessary; adds pages to Category:NA-Class Judaism articles)  NA 
??? (articles for which a valid class has not yet been provided are listed in Category:Unassessed Judaism articles)  ??? 

Importance parameterEdit

An article's importance assessment is generated from the importance parameter in the {{WikiProject Judaism}} project banner on its talk page:

{{WikiProject Judaism|importance=???}}

The following values may be used for the importance parameter to describe the relative importance of the article within the project:

Top (adds articles to Category:Top-importance Judaism articles)  Top 
High (adds articles to Category:High-importance Judaism articles)  High 
Mid (adds articles to Category:Mid-importance Judaism articles)  Mid 
Low (adds articles to Category:Low-importance Judaism articles)  Low 
NA (adds articles to Category:NA-importance Judaism articles)  NA 
??? (articles for which a valid importance rating has not yet been provided are listed in Category:Unknown-importance Judaism articles)  ??? 

The importance parameter should be assigned according to the importance scale below.

Quality scaleEdit

WikiProject article quality grading scheme

Importance scaleEdit

The criteria used for rating article importance are not meant to be an absolute or canonical view of how significant the topic is. Rather, they attempt to gauge the probability of the average reader of Wikipedia needing to look up the topic (and thus the immediate need to have a suitably well-written article on it). Thus, subjects with greater popular notability may be rated higher than topics which are arguably more "important" but which are of interest primarily to students of Judaism.

Note that general notability need not be from the perspective of editor demographics; generally notable topics should be rated similarly regardless of the country or region in which they hold said notability. Thus, topics which may seem obscure to a Western audience—but which are of high notability in other places—should still be highly rated.

WikiProject Judaism Assessment StatisticsEdit

Judaism article rating and assessment scheme
(NB: Listing, Log & Stats are updated on a daily basis by a bot)
Daily log of status changes
Current Statistics

Requesting an assessmentEdit

If you have made significant changes to an article and would like an outside opinion on a new rating for it, please feel free to list it below. Please note that an importance rating may not be given in some cases if the reviewer is unfamiliar with the subject.

If you assess an article, please strike it off using <s>Strike-through text</s> so that other editors will not waste time going there too. Thanks!

Submit new requests here:

  1. Violence in the Bible. I am working on a total rewrite-- in my sandbox-- of an existing article that was flagged as needing it: The Bible and Violence. I am wondering if I can put upon someone to give me a fair and honest assessment of the content before I go any further. I'm still pretty new here and haven't made any friends I can ask yet. I think the title needs changing because it is too broad, and it's meaning is ambiguous. I have gone with Violence in the Bible because that is actually what the article discusses. The article not only lacked sufficient inline references, it needed reorganizing. The entire existing article is subsumed in the rewrite. I left nothing out. I even checked and read up on his references. Everything he said is still there--it's just rearranged and either edited for conciseness or expanded and added to. I would especially like comments on including the section on apologetics--which contains the non-sectarian information--or combining them all into single paragraphs--or deleting it entirely...and whatever your reasoning on that might be. If you have additional references to recommend, that would be good too. I would like to expand the non-sectarian section if anyone has any ideas. Please help me! I have already run into some vitriol on this. This was first posted at 06:25, 2 August 2017 (UTC)Jenhawk777 (talk) 18:19, 2 August 2017 (UTC)
    I don't see an article with that name anywhere. I see User:Jenhawk777/sandbox, which you seem to want to name Violence in the Bible at some point. And I see User:Jenhawk777/Violence and Christianity, which seems to be a piece of work based on Christianity and violence. Can you be a little more specific about the evolution of all of this? StevenJ81 (talk) 18:49, 2 August 2017 (UTC)
    Not done I cannot figure out what I was supposed to assess for this. StevenJ81 (talk) 16:30, 30 May 2018 (UTC)
  2. Bene Israel - Thanks.Jonathansammy (talk) 19:04, 6 April 2018 (UTC)
    Symbol b class (alternate).svg Assessed as B-class. As far as I can tell, fairly complete, with good references. @Jonathansammy:, the existing material is (in my view) reasonably close to GA standards, at least if you can get the {{cn}} marks cleaned up. (Warning: GA assessors don't always understand Judaism very well. In this case, which is not an article on a hard-core religious subject, nor an article on Israel-Palestine, you might be ok if you want to go there.) I think if you can expand a little more on the section about the Bene Israel in Israel today it would be worthwhile, and if you are thinking about GA you'll need to do this. StevenJ81 (talk) 16:30, 30 May 2018 (UTC)
  3. Judah ben Tabbai Yael Tziyona (talk) 00:17, 14 May 2018 (UTC). I completely rewrote the article. It now has a logical structure and citations throughout.
    Symbol c class.svg Assessed as C-class. @Yael Tziyona: This is certainly much better than before you started working on it. Thank you. The main reason I marked it as "C" is that it is pretty thin. But then, so are many other pages about Tana'im. If you want this to be B-class, I'd like you to see if you can find RS to expand on the page further. If you have a hard time finding sources, let me know. StevenJ81 (talk) 19:25, 30 May 2018 (UTC)