Takao Koyama

Takao Koyama (小山 高生 Koyama Takao; born April 21, 1948 in Akishima, Tokyo, Japan) is a Japanese screenwriter and novelist focusing on anime productions. He was active as 小山 高男 (Koyama Takao) until 1987.


He graduated from Waseda University in 1972 and joined to Tatsunoko Production as a story creator and a screenwriter. He left from Tatsunoko in 1975, but he was related to the Time Bokan series, one of the most successful anime series of Tatsunoko, from Time Bokan in 1975 to the last series, Itadakiman in 1983. After leaving from Tatsunoko, he wrote several screenplays such as Dragon Ball and Saint Seiya of Toei Animation.

In parallel with works as screenwriter, he is endeavoring to bring up young talents. In 1986, he found "Anime Scenario House" to train the young anime scenario writers. By 1987, young screenwriters such as Satoru Akahori, Hiroyuki Kawasaki, Katsuyuki Sumisawa, Keiko Nobumoto and Aya Matsui graduated from Koyama's school. The school became Brother Noppo, company to support screenwriters, in 1988.


As chief writerEdit

Year Title Studio Note
1981–1982 Yattodetaman Tatsunoko Part of Time Bokan franchise.
1981–1982 Urusei Yatsura Studio Pierrot Episode 1 to 54. Replaced by Kazunori Ito.
1982–1983 Ippatsuman Tatsunoko Part of Time Bokan franchise.
1982 Don Dracula Tezuka Productions
1984 Starzan S Tatsunoko
1985–1986 Showa Aho Zōshi: Kanuke Ichiban! Tatsunoko
1986–1988 Saint Seiya Toei Animation Episode 1 to 73. Replaced by Yoshiyuki Suga.
1986–1987 Doteraman Tatsunoko
1987 Red Photon Zillion Tatsunoko
1987–1989 Dragon Ball Toei Animation Episode 83 to 153. Replacing Toshiki Inoue.
1987 Project A-Ko 2 A.P.P.P. Sequel to Project A-Ko.
1989–1990 Kojiro of the Fuma Clan J.C. Staff
Animate Film
1989–1990 Legendary Idol Eriko Ashi Productions
1989–1996 Dragon Ball Z Toei Animation Sequel to Dragon Ball.
1990–1991 Mashin Hero Wataru 2 Sunrise Sequel to Mashin Hero Wataru.
1990–1991 Figures of Happiness Production I.G
1991 I Am Chokkaku!! Studio Pierrot
1992–1993 Floral Magician Mary Bell Ashi Productions With Hideki Mitsui.
1993–1994 The Brave Express Might Gaine Sunrise Part of Yūsha franchise.
1993–1994 Willow Town E&G Films
1995 Slayers J.C. Staff
E&G Films
First season only.
1996 The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus Studio Deen
1998 Legend of Basara Yumeta Company
2001–2002 Offside Ashi Productions
2009–2015 Dragon Ball Z Kai Toei Animation

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