Doteraman is an anime television series created by Tatsunoko Productions.[2]

Screenshot from the television series
Genrescience fiction
Anime television series
Directed byShinya Sadamitsu
Music byKouhei Tanaka
StudioTatsunoko Productions
Original networkNTV
Original run October 14, 1986 February 24, 1987[1]
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Suzuki is a middle-aged entrepreneur who lives in a small town near Tokyo and owns a small business. Despite his hopelessly normal life, he dreams of becoming a celebrity and generally popular. One day he happens to discover the entrance to an unknown space. By traveling through it, he reaches a world of goblins and uses a device to make them obey his commands. He uses his newfound minions for his greedy desires and sets his hand to evil things. Meanwhile, Hajime and his girlfriend Mariko come across a strange alien detective who which allows them to don the appearance of a goblin. Dressed like the goblins, they transform into Doteraman and Doterapink respectively. With Doteraman's supernatural strength, they challenge the Suzuki and successfully liberate the manipulated goblins.



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