A.P.P.P. Co., Ltd., (Japanese: 有限会社アナザープッシュピンプランニング, Hepburn: Yūgen-gaisha Anazā Pusshupin Puranningu, abbreviated from Another Push Pin Planning, pronounced as "A Three P") is a Japanese animation studio founded on June 22, 1984, and based in Suginami, Tokyo, Japan.[1] A subsidiary company called Super Techno Arts distributed many of their properties in North America.[2] The current president of A.P.P.P., Kazufumi Nomura, got his start working at Mushi Production.[2] Since its establishment, A.P.P.P. has contributed to the animation of a very large number of anime films and television series in collaboration with other companies. A.P.P.P. has been primarily credited for works including Project A-ko, Robot Carnival, and Roujin Z.[2] A.P.P.P. remains active as a subcontractor for other studios.

Native name
Yūgen-gaisha Anazā Pusshupin Puranningu
TypeYūgen gaisha
IndustryAnimation studio
FoundedJune 22, 1984[1]
FounderKazafumi Nomura
HeadquartersSuginami, Tokyo, Japan [1]
Key people
Kazufumi Nomura (president)[1][2]


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