St. Joseph Communications

St. Joseph Communications is a Canadian communications company based out of Toronto.

It is Canada's largest privately owned printing company. The company currently has three divisions:

  • the printing operation St. Joseph Print Group
  • the content creation division St. Joseph Content Group
  • St. Joseph Media Group, the magazine publisher.

Tony Gagliano is executive chairman and chief executive officer of the company. Other executives at the corporation include Frank Gagliano, vice chairman; John Gagliano, president of the print group; Kin-Man Lee, CFO; Doug Templeton, president of the content group; and Doug Knight, president of the media group. The corporation has 1300 employees.[1]

In September 2010, St. Joseph Communications partnered with PrinterOn to set up ePRINTit centres where users can print directly from their smartphones.[2]


St. Joseph Communications was founded in 1956 by Gaetano Gagliano as a printing house. Gagliano and his growing family emigrated from Italy shortly after the war. He initially found work laying track for CP Rail, but could not forget about his lifelong dream of becoming a printer. So in 1956, he started a small print business in the basement of his family home. He specialized in letterpress work such as birth announcements, invitations and business cards. He expanded business through new equipment and technology, strategic acquisitions and bigger facilities. By the 1980s, St. Joseph Print was one of the largest privately owned print companies in Canada, and growth continued in the 1990s and early 2000s.[citation needed] In addition to printing, the company expanded into photography, content creation, publishing, and media.[3]


St. Joseph's magazine division was established in 2001 with the acquisition of Multi-Vision Publishing, and expanded further the following year with the acquisition of Key Media.

Major current titles include Fashion Magazine, Quill & Quire, and Toronto Life, while other titles include Canadian Family, Mariage Québec, Ottawa Magazine, Weddingbells and the Canadian edition of the international travel magazine Where.

The company also previously published Saturday Night, Elm Street, Books for Everybody, The Look and Shift. In March 2011, St. Joseph Media acquired the Toronto blog,[4] which it resold to Daily Hive in 2019.[5]

On March 20, 2019 St. Joseph agreed to acquire Rogers Media's Rogers Publishing assets from Rogers Communications.[6] Once the deal was finalized, St. Joseph Communications took ownership of Maclean's, Chatelaine (English), Châtelaine (French), Today's Parent, Hello! Canada, Canadian Business and Flare.[7]

Partial list of Rogers Publishing assets now owned by St. Joseph Communications.



St. Joseph Communications has been recognized as Canada's 50 best-managed companies,[8] and has won multiple awards for its publishing titles and content creation work. In 2017, the company has won two awards at the first Canadian Magazine Awards, three Vertex Awards for the St. Joseph's packaging work for Metro, and ten PAC Awards.


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