Sisto Gara della Rovere

Sisto Gara della Rovere
Coat of arms of Cardinal Sisto Gara della Rovere

Sisto Gara della Rovere, also known as Sisto Franciotti della Rovere, (1473–1517) was an Italian Roman Catholic bishop and cardinal.


Sisto Gara della Rovere was born in Savona in 1473, the son of Gabriele Gara and Luchina Della Rovere, a member of the House of della Rovere.[1] He was the nephew of Pope Julius II and the grand-nephew of Pope Sixtus IV.[1] He was the half-brother of Cardinal Galeotto Franciotti della Rovere.[1][2]

Pope Julius II made him a cardinal priest in the consistory of September 11, 1507.[1][3] He received the red hat and the titular church of San Pietro in Vincoli on the same day.[1] He also became Vice-Chancellor of the Holy Roman Church at this time, holding that office for the rest of his life.[1]

The same day he became a cardinal, he was named apostolic administrator of the see of Lucca.[1] He only resigned this post 5 days before his death.[1] From September 11, 1507 until June 11, 1509, he was also administrator of the see of Vicenza.[1] He was administrator of the metropolitan see of Benevento from September 11, 1508 to March 6, 1514.[1] In 1508, he became Prior in Rome of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.[1]

He was elected Bishop of Padua on June 11, 1509, and subsequently occupied this see until his death.[1] He was consecrated as a bishop by Cardinal Leonardo Grosso della Rovere in Rome on November 25, 1509.[1]

He was also administrator of the see of Saluzzo from September 27, 1512 to March 22, 1516, though he filled this office through a vicar general, Antonio Vacca.[1]

He participated in both the Fifth Council of the Lateran and in the papal conclave of 1513 that elected Pope Leo X.[1]

He died in Rome on March 8, 1517.[1] He was buried in San Pietro in Vincoli.[1]


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