Scary Godmother: The Revenge of Jimmy

Scary Godmother: The Revenge of Jimmy is a 2005 animated film sequel starring Tabitha St. Germain, Britt McKillip, Alexander Ludwig, Brittney Irvin, Gary Chalk, and Dexter Bell. It was directed by Ezekiel Norton with a screenplay by Ian Boothby based on the book by Jill Thompson.

Scary Godmother: The Revenge of Jimmy
Scary Godmother Revenge of Jimmy.jpg
The book the special was adapted from.
StarringTabitha St. Germain
Britt McKillip
Alexander Ludwig
Distributed byCorus Entertainment
Release date
Running time
46 minutes
CountryUnited States


Many Halloweens ago, Hannah's cousin, Jimmy loved dressing up like a monster until last Halloween when he discovered that monsters are real and fears they will get him again this year. He then "monster proofs" his room by putting balloons on the floor, sleeping with the lights on and emptying everything out from under his bed and in his closet when his friends, Daryl, Burt, and Katie arrive, explaining he's boycotting Halloween. His friends don't want to be involve in any of this, so they leave for Hannah's house where she's putting up Halloween decorations, until she runs out of cobwebs. Bug-a-Boo the Monster recommends that she should go visit Scary Godmother by using the Skeleton Key to the Fright Side she got from her. She inserts the key in her closet door and travels to The Fright Side.

When she arrives, Scary Godmother is preparing a dish for the party. Her cat, Boozle, comes in and coughs up a "scareball", which lands on the Magic Calendar. On the calendar, Halloween is the most important holiday to them. They then have a visit from the Vampires, Count Max, Ruby, and Orson, who came to ask Scary Godmother if she needed anything. Ruby then shows Hannah what Orson is to wear on Halloween, making Orson really embarrassed since he doesn't know what to wear. Hannah then leaves to go back to the real world.

Back in the real world, Jimmy has this idea about pumpkins that he got from talking to Hannah while she was in The Fright Side, beginning his plan to stop Halloween from coming so the monsters won't get him. He sneaks into the pumpkin patch during the night and smashes the pumpkins. The next day, Bert, Daryl, Katie and Hannah arrive and are horrified about what has happened, causing major problems with the Fright Side, causing the pumpkin on the calendar to shrink a little, the jack-o-lanterns disappear, along with Harry, Mr. Pettibone and Bug-a-Boo until Hannah realizes that someone made the mouth, which causes the calendar's pumpkin to grow again and brings back Harry, Pettibone, and Bug-a-Boo.

When Jimmy sees his friends with pumpkins, he is outraged, until he hears their conversation about candy and costumes, so he sneaks into all stores and writes poison on all the candy and flammable on all the costumes, causing the pumpkin to shrink even more and everything begins to disappear, including the house and the entire Fright Side realm. So Hannah comes up with an idea to just make everything, such as new treats. Soon, The Fright Side is put back to its original state.

The gang decide to have a Halloween party, and invite Jimmy, who covers the place where the party was to be held (The Spook House) with toilet paper. When they discover what happens, they fear Halloween is officially off, causing Halloween to be replaced with November 1st on the calendar, Harry's shirt disappears, Mr. Pettibone falls apart, Bug-a-Boo shrinks, Scary Godmother loses her color and the vampires become humans. However, Hannah tells them that the toilet paper look like ghosts. After, the Fright Side is back to normal and Halloween returns to the calendar.

The kids go to the Fright Side to celebrate. When they arrive, the monsters scare them, and they laugh it off when they see them. When Jimmy arrives, the guests begin to dance, and he steals the Best Costume prize. In the kitchen, Ruby and Max are waiting for Orson to put on a Prince outfit, but Hannah explains to them that he was already a Prince of the Night, so they agree to let him wear a costume.

When it's time to announce the winner for the Best Costume, the prize is gone. We then see Jimmy with the prize, only to be busted by Harry, who wanted the candy, so they begin to fight over it. Bug-a-Boo arrives, causing Jimmy and Harry to crash into him, making Harry fly out of the house, and Jimmy and Bug-a-Boo screaming at each other. After Jimmy's fright, Bug-a-Boo explains that he looked really scary, so Scary Godmother announces that Jimmy has won the contest. Jimmy is back to his old self again.

The show ends with Harry trying to convince the audience to give him spare candy and send it to his address, only to be dragged away by Mr. Pettibone and Scary Godmother ending the show for Harry.


Notes Voice actor Character
Main characters Britt McKillip Hannah
Tabitha St. Germain Scary Godmother/Ruby
Alexander Ludwig Jimmy- the main antagonist.
Supporting cast Brittney Irvin Katie
Garry Chalk Harry the Werewolf/ Bug-A-Boo
Richard Warke Orson - Count Max' son
Dexter Bell Bert
Nathan Tipple Daryl
Scott McNeil Skully Pettibone/Count Max


Department Name Of Crew/Staff Notes
Directed by Ezekiel Norton Director
Writing Credits Ian Boothby writer
Jill Thompson Writer
Produced by Barbara Zelinski Producer
Original Music by Bob Buckley
Film Editing by Philip Lefesi Film Editor
David Tilgner Film Editor
Production Management Michael O'Brien Director Of Production
Vera Zivny Production Manager
Art Department Karen Lloyd Storyboard Artists
Sound Department Jeff Jackman Sound Effects Editor
Visual Effects Renaud Bergeron Technical Editor
Mike Cassidy Modeler
Eric Gillganon Digital Effects Artist
Sheryl Low Lighting Artist and Modeler
Dominic Remane Lighting Artist
Jayme Vandusen Visual Effects
Daniel Wexler Modeler
Animation Department Jeffrey Burt Supervsing Animator
Yoav Vinyamini Animator
Christine Hubbard Animator
Rani Naamani Animator