Animation World Network

Animation World Network (often just "AWN") is an online[1][2] publishing group[3] that specializes in resources for animators, with an extensive website offering news, articles and links for professional animators and animation fans. Specifically, AWN covers animator profiles, independent film distribution, major animation studio activities, licensing, CGI and other animation technologies, as well as current events in all fields of animation.

Animation World Network
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Type of site
News, animation
OwnerRon Diamond and Dan Sarto
Created byRon Diamond and Dan Sarto
RegistrationNot Available
LaunchedOctober 3, 1996

AWN also publishes print magazines. The magazines are Animation World,[4] dedicated to animation in general, and VFX World,[5] which focuses on special effects and computer-generated imagery.


In 1995, Ron Diamond partnered with Dan Sarto and founded the Animation World Network. A year after Toy Story debuted, Sarto and Diamond produced their first issue. "Back then there weren't many people publishing on the Internet, but we decided to go online and bypass print altogether; not just for cost reasons but because animators are always ahead of the curve when it comes to exploring new technologies," Diamond said.[6]


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