Rustum (1984 film)

Rustum is a 1984 Telugu-language action film, produced by S. P. Venkanna Babu under the Maheswari Movies banner and directed by A. Kodandarami Reddy. It stars Chiranjeevi and Urvashi (in her Telugu film debut), with music composed by Chakravarthy. The film was recorded as a Hit' at the box office.

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Theatrical release poster
Directed byA. Kodandarami Reddy
Written bySatyanand (dialogues)
Screenplay byA. Kodandarami Reddy
Story byGirija Sri Bhagawan
Produced byS. P. Venkanna Babu
CinematographyLok Singh
Edited byVellai Swamy
Music byChakravarthy
Maheswari Movies
Release date
  • 2 December 1984 (1984-12-02)
Running time
143 mins


The movie starts with Ganga Rayudu, the village panchayat head, who judges a dispute between Musalaiah and a rowdy, Gangaiah, Musalaiah left the village under some unknown circumstances and returned after fifteen years, he learns that his house and farm were illegally acquired by Gangaiah and he is unwilling to return the property to Musalaiah, hence they came to the Panchayat. Rayudu supports Gangaiah and does injustice to Musalaiah, having insufficient power to face Rayudu, he again leaves the village.

A newcomer Hari enters the village and fights with Gangaiah and owns his property and does well for the village people. Village people start calling him Rustum. Hari works for the village's welfare. Rayudu sets a trap to kick Hari out of the village. As a part of his trap, Rayudu gives the village head post to Hari. Meanwhile, Hari and Padma daughter of Rayudu falls in love and Hari also gets closer to Brahmaiah Naidu and Parvathi, a couple that is affected by Rayudu's injustice. Once Hari is suspected of the cause of a village girl's Lakshmi pregnancy and her suicide, hence Hari was asked to leave the village. Then the even Padma suspects Hari. In the trial to prove that he is not the cause of Lakshmi's suicide, he knows that Giri, the son of Rayudu is the main reason. Rayudu fixes up Rudraiah, the younger brother of Brahmaiah Naidu, who was just released from prison, to kill Hari.

Meanwhile, Giri goes to the city and tracks down Musalaiah to find out why Hari came to the village. Giri knows the whole loop that Hari, is none other than Brahmaiah Naidu's son. When he was a child, he saw Rayudu murder someone. Musalaiah, who is Brahmaiah Naidu's servant, protects Hari and takes him to the city. Searching for his son at the same time, Brahmaiah Naidu comes to the murder spot and as per Rayudu's wishes, fixes up Rudraiah as the murderer, even Brahmaiah Naidu also believes that Rudraiah is the murderer and hence has him arrested. Musalaiah, Rudraiah, and Hari plan to punish Rayudu and do good to the village. Per their plan, Rudraiah and Hari fight as if they really are opponents. But when Rayudu learns the truth from Giri, he kidnaps Hari's entire family. Knowing the truth, Padma helps Hari to expose Rayudu. After the climax fight, Hari enters as a Police Inspector and arrests Rayudu.



Film score by
Chakravarthy chronology
Agni Gundam
Chattamtho Poratam

Music composed by Chakravarthy. Lyrics written by Veturi.

S.No Song Title Singers length
1 "Yelaa Vunnadhamma" S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, P. Susheela 4:12
2 "Nee Bugga" S. P. Balasubrahmanyam,P. Susheela 4:32
3 "Ramanna Ramudoi" S. P. Balasubrahmanyam,P. Susheela 5:27
4 "Paadyami Naati Raathri" P. Susheela 3:52
5 "Thotaa Kooraa" S. P. Balasubrahmanyam,P. Susheela 4:27


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