Revive! Ultraman

Revive! Ultraman (甦れ!ウルトラマン, Yomigaere! Urutoraman) is a 1996 Japanese tokusatsu kaiju superhero film directed by Masahiro Tsuburaya and produced by Tsuburaya Productions to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Ultra Series.

Revive! Ultraman
Revive! Ultraman.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byMasahiro Tsuburaya[1]
Produced byKiyoshi Suzuki
Written byMuneharu Ichimaru
Shinobu Ōito
Masaru Hayakawa
StarringSusumu Kurobe
Music byYoshinobu Hiraiwa
Distributed byTsuburaya Productions
Release date
March 9, 1996
Running time
23 min.


The film is composed of stock footage from the original Ultraman television series with additional newly filmed content, and it served as an "epilogue" as Ultraman returns to Earth for one final battle.

The plot unfolds when Ultraman was defeated by Zetton but not killed. Zetton is destroyed by the Patrol. Zoffy rescues Ultraman and then recombines forces with Hayata. Ultraman and Hayata, as a result of the loss, suffer from the lack of confidence since Ultraman needs the help of others to overcome various combatants. The Patrol realizes they cannot count on Ultraman at this time and Hayata feels weaker. Arashi suggests that Hayata use a stamina drink. Ide gets an idea and heads to his lab to build a new device.

Hayata's Ultra-Senses divine the approach of a second Zetton attack fleet but before he can warn the Captain, Ide warns them of the fleet as he, too, somehow knows that it is coming. The Patrol attacks the new fleet to minimal effect and another Zetton is defeated at their headquarters, but this triggers the revival of a previously defeated monster, along with Pigmon.

Pigmon warns them what is coming and now Ide can understand Pigmon perfectly, somehow. Pigmon is again mortally wounded and this angers Hayata, who triggers the Beta Capsule and becomes Ultraman. Ultraman wins, but now there is a simultaneous attack by several revived monsters. Ultraman then reveals a new power called Ultra Separation. He absorbs extra energies and creates replicas of himself, who scatter to defeat the monsters. After this, he reverts to Hayata.

Hayata is then alerted that Zetton II is attacking headquarters and transforms again. The fight goes bad for Ultraman due to his weakened condition and he hesitates to fire his Specium Ray. Ide reveals the new device that he has built, which Arashi shoots into Ultraman's Color Timer. The device is a solar energy booster, which fully recharges Ultraman. Ultraman then demolishes Zetton II with his Rainbow Spectrum Colored Specium Ray and completes his mission for good.



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