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Ultraman Max (ウルトラマンマックス, Urutoraman Makkusu) is a Japanese Tokusatsu series produced by Tsuburaya Productions and Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting Co., Ltd.. Released as the 19th Ultra Series overall, it aired on July 2, 2005 to April 1, 2006. The show aimed to return to the true formula of new monsters every week and being a fast paced show like previous series with the exception of Ultraman Nexus. The show is full of homages to past series by having three of the original cast members from the first Ultraman series (and one original cast member from Ultra Seven) being featured in an episode, updated versions of classic monsters like Red King, Eleking and Pigmon among others. One unusual episode (#29) revolves around the filming of the 1964 program Ultra Q which was the predecessor to the first Ultraman show in 1966. Two actors from that show appear as themselves. On October 10, 2014, Crunchyroll announced that the series would be broadcast on their streaming service starting on October 17, 2014 in the US, Canada, Latin America, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.[1]

Ultraman Max
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Science fiction
Created byKazuo Tsuburaya, Tsuburaya Productions
Directed byShusuke Kaneko
Hirochika Muraishi
Kengo Kaji
Futoshi Sato
Takeshi Yagi
Takashi Miike
Hideaki Murakami
Akio Jissoji
Hiroaki Tochihara
Toshiyuki Takano
Toshihiro Iijima
Kenji Suzuki
StarringSota Aoyama
Hitomi Hasebe
Kai Shishido
Hikari Mitsushima
Composer(s)Kuniaki Haishima, Toru Fuyuki
Country of originJapan
Original language(s)JP:Japanese
No. of episodes39
Producer(s)Takeshi Yagi
Running timeApprox. 24 mins per episode
Original networkChubu-Nippon Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Original releaseJuly 2, 2005 – April 1, 2006
Preceded byUltraman Nexus
Followed byUltraman Mebius
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On January 27, 2017, the US television channel TOKU announced that the series will be broadcast in the United States on its channel with an English dub beginning February 27, 2017, making it the fifth Ultra Series to air in the United States after Ultraman, Ultra Seven, Ultraman: Towards the Future (original English language without Japanese dub) and Ultraman Tiga.[2][3][4][5]



This series was colored the issue that the story is a connection from the Ultraman era Showa and also a member of Space Garrison, let alone indeed the Japanese public miss him. This is reinforced by a Max design that is physically similar to Ultra Seven and Ultraman Taro, as well as its moves. In addition, old monsters like Baltan and past monsters that often appear in the Showa era also appear in this series. However, Tsuburaya dismissed the issue ahead of Max's last episodes, that Max's reality has nothing to do with any Ultraman series ever appeared. Japanese viewers were wondering why Max's total episode was less than 50, whereas his response and ratings improved. Max was produced with the intention of being a stepping-stone from Ultraman Nexus, whose concept of story strayed away, before stepping back into the Showa era. So, you could say the story and the Max concept is at the intersection. And again before Max's runs out, his replacement series Ultraman Mebius, which Tsubaraya actually prepared to return to the Showa era story, has been advertised. Apparently, learning from the original Nexus produced 50 episodes but had to cut and finish in episode 38, Tsuburaya intend to anticipate this series failed so from the beginning was deliberately the number of episodes is already so, that is 40 only.

Series overviewEdit

Although certain monsters from the previous Ultra Series appear here in this series, the characters do not actually recognize them. This series does not have any direct continuity to any of the other Ultra Series (except episode 24: "The Untargeted Town" which seems to be a sequel to the Ultra Seven series episode 8: "The Targeted Town").

Just like his predecessors, Ultraman Max is from Nebula M78 and is supported by DASH (Defense Action Squad Heroes), a branch of the UDF (United Defense Federation). His human host's name is Touma Kaito. Ultraman Max is based on Ultra Seven and has two main weapons at his disposal, the Maxium Cannon fired from his left hand and the Maxium Sword which is a hand held boomerang cutter.

Another Ultraman known as Ultraman Xenon, or Janos, appears for the first time in episode 13, and again briefly in episode 39. While Ultraman Xenon is summoning a new weapon from the sky to use against Zetton, he is attacked by Zetton and the weapon attaches itself to Max's right wrist. Ultraman Max then uses the new weapon known as the Max Galaxy to destroy Zetton.

Team DASH is stationed in a harbor and their base is called the Base Titan. They have a main airplane called the Dash Mother which releases two other small planes known as Dash Bird 1 and 2. A third plane called the Dash Bird 3 appears in episode 23.

Team DASH also has an android operator, who learns a bit about human behavior in some episodes. Her name is Elly and she has a small ball shaped robot called Koko which makes a high pitched sound to respond to queries.

This series was also unique as it was the first time a gaijin (foreigner) was an official member of the Ultraman team. The character's name is Sean White (played by actor Sean Nichols who is famous in Japan for being on the popular children's program Eigo de Asobo—Let's Have Fun with English).


In the world where Max is, it is said that since ancient times the Earth has many civilizations other than human civilization that inhabits the surface of the earth. Therefore, there is often conflict between them. Yet, whether hundreds of years later, today's man does not know it and live in peace. The hatred of other nations for human behavior is a threat that is not realized by them. Meanwhile, humans are more focused on monsters from outer space that actually attack the Earth. This is where Max appears.

Touma Kaito dreamed of entering DASH because previously he was a volunteer who often rescued people from natural disasters. However, he failed the entrance test because it was considered too hot-spirited when trying to protect people without thinking and often unconsciously doing excessive actions that endanger his own safety. Kaito has his own reasons and still insists on getting into DASH. One day, he who is still an apprentice, recklessly replaces one of the wounded DASH members to help dispel the monster in order to avoid the heavy casualties. At a critical moment, Touma then receives Ultraman power and begins his great responsibility. He named Ultraman in him Max. And because of this persistence, Kaito was finally accepted as a member of DASH.

As the story in which each episode stands alone, the story in Max is quite light when compared to the Nexus and is still more weighty when compared to the Cosmos. It is also told about Kaito who is trying to adapt himself to the team and that the nature of his lack of care has not changed. He also began to understand that sometimes Max's mind did not suit him. In addition, he was so confused follow-up when facing two disputing parties: humans with monsters. On the one hand, there are human beings who justify any means for his selfishness, and the other side is not all evil monsters. Max also thinks it is actually the man who builds the dispute itself. Moreover, after gradually it is known that there are civilizations other than humans who also inhabit the earth. Then, began to emerge the fact that there is a human race that turned out to be descendants of aliens.

Finally, one of the old civilizations inhabiting under the skin of the earth named Delos also wanted to control the surface. UDF headquarters were destroyed one by one. By Delos. In order not to happen worse, Kaito and his partner, Mizuki, went to the bowels of the earth to deliver a message of peace. What a shock to Kaito that the Delos were no longer existed, only weapons that had been arranged from time immemorial. On the other hand, Max is time to get away from Kaito's body. Kaito had to race against time.


Defense Action Squad Heroes (DASH)Edit

  • Captain Shigeru Hijikata
    The Captain of DASH.
  • Kenjiro Koba
    The marksman and sharpshooter of DASH.
  • Mizuki Koishikawa
    The ace pilot and token female member. She is Kaito/Ultraman Max's love interest.
  • Sean White
    The team inventor/scientist/joker. He was transported from DASH North America branch.
  • Elly
    The gynoid operator of DASH. She learns human behavior and once wished to become a human. She even cried in Episode 16 and in the final episode. During the series she shows a growing interest in Kenjiro Koba, even admitting at a certain point during the series that she likes him.
  • Kaito Touma/Ultraman Max
    The team's latest recruit. After he lost his parents during an earthquake while he was traveling, he resolved to do his best to protect others, so that no one would experience the loss he did. In order to do this he tried joining DASH, but failed the test the first time. He was saved by Ultraman Max from a certain death and was given the Max Spark, so that he could transform whenever needs arose.
  • Chief Kenzo Tomioka
    A UDF general, the supervisor of DASH.
  • Professor Yukari Yoshinaga
    A member of the UDF and one of the overseers of DASH. She often supplemented Elly's observations and provided extra information. She also was usually the one who gave presentations and talks to DASH.

DASH MechaEdit

  • Base Poseidon
    A UDF base in the south pacific, it specialises in marine research, resources and the study of the Earth's Crust.
  • Base Titan
    A UDF base in the middle of Tokyo, there are several Base Titans all over the world. This is where the main base deploy the mecha.
  • UDF Satelite Lab
    This is were Hop Hop was kept for study. Later, it was destroyed when the monsters broke free.
  • UDF Hanger
    Near Tokyo Bay, it is a back up in case when the Base Titan is destroyed.
  • Space Station Tiga
    Mentioned in episode 18, communications were cut of by Alien Shama.
  • DASH Mother
    The mother ship can carries DASH Bird #1, #2 and #3.
  • DASH Bird #1
    A red jet.
  • DASH Bird #2
    A blue jet.
  • DASH Bird #3
    A yellow jet.
  • DASH Bird Beta
    A black jet.
  • DASH Alfa
    The Alfa Romeo car that can fly with the iron wings.
  • DASH Ducati
    A bike.
  • DASH Rizer
    A multipurpose laser gun, it is the size o a 45. caliber hand gun. Other modes are, the Para Gun which stuns targets, the cylinder can be replaced for a multitude of effects. It is charged in its holster and kept at full charge.
  • DASH Pad
    Communications equipment shaped like a flip style mobile phone, they can also analyse things such as monsters, material and listen to music.
  • DASH Deringer
    A beam cannon created by Sean, the cartridge can be swapped for a multitude of effects each with the power of an anti-tank gun.

Supporting CharactersEdit

  • Ultraman Xenon (ウルトラマンゼノン, Urutoraman Zenon)
    He appears once to help Ultraman Max when he is in danger and is also the one that gives Ultraman Max the Max Galaxy.


  1. Ultraman Max Arrives! (ウルトラマンマックス誕生!, Urutoraman Makkusu Tanjō!)
  2. The Girl Who Keeps a Monster (怪獣を飼う女, Kaijū o Kau On'na)
  3. Proof of a Brave Man (勇士の証明, Yūshi no Shōmei)
  4. Infinite Invaders (無限の侵略者, Mugen no Shinryakusha)
  5. Appears, Monster Island! (出現、怪獣島!, Shutsugen, Kaijūtō!)
  6. Bombing, 5 Seconds Before (爆撃、5秒前, Bakugeki, Gobyō Mae)
  7. Destructor of the Star (星の破壊者, Hoshi no Hakaisha)
  8. DASH Annihilated!? (DASH 壊滅!?, Dasshu Kaimetsu!?)
  9. Dragon Lover (龍の恋人, Ryū no Koibito)
  10. Young DASH (少年DASH, Shōnen Dasshu)
  11. Prophecy of Baradhi (バラージの予言, Barāji no Yogen)
  12. Pursuit at Supersonic Speed (超音速の追撃, Chō Onsoku no Tsuigeki)
  13. Daughter of Zetton (ゼットンの娘, Zetton no Musume)
  14. I Love King Joe (恋するキングジョー, Koi Suru Kingu Jō)
  15. Miracle of the Third Planet (第三番惑星の奇跡, Dai Sanban Wakusei no Kiseki)
  16. Who Am I? (わたしはだあれ?, Watashi wa Daare)
  17. Ice Beauty (氷の美女, Kōri no Bijo)
  18. Bright World (アカルイセカイ, Akarui Sekai)
  19. Person Coming from the Door (扉より来たる者, Tobira yori Kitaru Mono)
  20. Drifting Monster (怪獣漂流, Kaijū Hyōryū)
  21. Challenge from Underground (地底からの挑戦, Chitei kara no Chōsen)
  22. Butterfly Dream (胡蝶の夢, Kochō no Yume)
  23. Youth Again (甦れ青春, Yomigaere Seishun)
  24. The Untargeted Town (狙われない街, Nerawarenai Machi)
  25. A Distant Friend (遥かなる友人, Haruka Naru Yūjin)
  26. Elly of Christmas (クリスマスのエリー, Kurisumasu no Erī)
  27. The Taken Max Spark (奪われたマックススパーク, Ubawareta Makkusu Supāku)
  28. Attack of the Evil (邪悪襲来, Jaaku Shūrai)
  29. Why Do Monsters Appear (怪獣は何故現れるのか, Kaijū wa Naze Arawareru Noka)
  30. Courage Is from the Heart (勇気を胸に, Yūki o Mune ni)
  31. Burn! Earth!! (燃えつきろ! 地球!!, Moe Tsukiro! Chikyū!!)
  32. Elly Destruction Directive (エリー破壊指令, Erī Hakai Shirei)
  33. Welcome! To the Earth: Part 1: The Science of the Planet Baltan (ようこそ! 地球へ 前篇 バルタン星の科学, Yōkoso! Chikyū e Zenpen Barutan Sei no Kagaku)
  34. Welcome! To the Earth: Part 2: Farewell! Alien Baltan (ようこそ! 地球へ 後篇 さらば!バルタン星人, Yōkoso! Chikyū e Kōhen Saraba! Barutan Seijin)
  35. Adam and Eve of M32 Nebula (M32星雲のアダムとイブ, Emu Sanjūni Seiun no Adamu to Ibu)
  36. Alternate Dimension World (イジゲンセカイ, Ijigen Sekai)
  37. Constellation Thief (星座泥棒, Seiza Dorobō)
  38. Prelude to Ground Annihilation (地上壊滅の序曲, Chijō Kaimetsu no Jokyoku)
  39. Hold On To! Future (つかみとれ! 未来, Tsukami Tore! Mirai)
  40. Special Finale -To the Ultra Future- (スペシャルフィナーレ ~ウルトラの未来へ~, Supesharu Fināre -Urutora no Mirai e-)

Super Battle SpecialEdit

After the broadcast of Ultraman Max, an eight-minute special was released on DVD. This special was a five-minute clip show giving a review of Ultraman Max's back story and primary attacks up until Ultraman Xenon gives him the Max Galaxy. After the clip show, the monster Red King attacks Max with Zetton shortly joining in. The special ends with Max defeating both of them.


  • Kaito Touma (トウマ・カイト, Tōma Kaito), Kaito and Mizuki grandson (39-40)
    Sōta Aoyama (青山 草太, Aoyama Sōta)
  • Shigeru Hijikata (ヒジカタ・シゲル, Hijikata Shigeru)
    Kai Shishido (宍戸 開, Shishido Kai)
  • Mizuki Koishikawa (コイシカワ・ミズキ, Koishikawa Mizuki)
    Hitomi Hasebe (長谷部 瞳, Hasebe Hitomi)
  • Kenjiro Koba (コバ・ケンジロウ, Koba Kenjirō)
    Nobuyuki Ogawa (小川 信行, Ogawa Nobuyuki)
  • Sean White (ショーン・ホワイト, Shōn Howaito)
    Sean Nichols (ショーン・ニコルス, Shōn Nikorusu)
  • Elly (エリー, Erī)
    Hikari Mitsushima (満島 ひかり, Mitsushima Hikari)
  • Kenzo Tomioka (トミオカ・ケンゾウ, Tomioka Kenzō)
    Susumu Kurobe (黒部 進, Kurobe Susumu)
  • Yukari Yoshinaga (ヨシナガ・ユカリ, Yoshinaga Yukari)
    Hiroko Sakurai (桜井 浩子, Sakurai Hiroko)
  • Ultraman Max (ウルトラマンマックス(声), Urutoraman Makkusu (koe))
    Kazuya Nakai (中井 和哉, Nakai Kazuya) (voice)
  • Narration (ナレーション, Narēshon)
    Shirō Sano (佐野 史郎, Sano Shirō)


Opening theme
  • "Ultraman Max" (ウルトラマンマックス, Urutoraman Makkusu)
    • Lyrics: Neko Oikawa (及川 眠子, Oikawa Neko)
    • Composition & Arrangement: Yasuharu Takanashi (高梨 康治, Takanashi Yasuharu)
    • Artist: TEAM DASH with Project DMM

Ending theme: "NO LIMITED"

Fight theme: "DASH Alpha"


Other AppearancesEdit

  • Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy (2009), Max along with Xenon help the M78 Ultra Warriors to fight against the evil Ultraman Belial (And the first to be defeated instantly,too).
  • Ultraman Ginga S: Showdown! Ultra 10 Warriors!! (2015), Max is one of the Heisei-era Ultra hero to fight along with other 9 Heisei-era Ultra Heroes.
  • Ultraman X (2015): In episode eight of that series, Max tried to chase an Alien Sran whom masqueraded as his former human hosts as he plots to turn the Ultraman of that series, Ultraman X into his puppet. Thanks to Daichi, X's host, X was freed and aided Max against Quila and Zetton. In the end of that episode, Max had taken the form of Kaito Touma as well to communicate with X and Daichi and gives them a Cyber Card before leaving.


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