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Ragnhild Tregagås or Tregagás was a Norwegian woman from Bergen.[1] In 1324/1325 she was accused and convicted for exercising witchcraft. She was sentenced to strict fasting and a seven-year-long pilgrimage to holy places outside of Norway. The trial against Ragnhild Tregagås is the only one concerning witchcraft that is known from medieval Norway, taking place 250 years before the witch-hunt in Norway started.

Trial records provide a spell used by the accused Ragnhild Tregagås to end the marriage of her former lover, a man named Bárd. The charm contains a mention of the valkyrie Göndul being "sent out":

I send out from me the spirits of (the valkyrie) Gondul.
May the first bite you in the back.
May the second bite you in the breast.
May the third turn hate and envy upon you.[1]


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