Queen Hyoui

Queen Hyoui (Hangul: 효의왕후, Hanja: 孝懿王后) (5 January 1754 – 10 April 1821) was the wife and Queen Consort of King Jeongjo of Joseon. She came from the Cheongpung Kim clan (Hangul: 청풍김씨, Hanja: 淸風金氏).

Queen Hyoui
Queen Dowager of Joseon
Tenure1800 – 1821
PredecessorQueen Jeongsun
SuccessorQueen Sunwon
Queen Consort of Joseon
Tenure1776 – 1800
PredecessorQueen Jeongsun
SuccessorQueen Sunwon
Crown Princess of Joseon
Tenure1762 – 1776
PredecessorCrown Princess Hyegyeong
SuccessorCrown Princess Jo
Born5 January 1754
Hanseong, Kingdom of Joseon
Died10 April 1821 (1821-04-11) (aged 67)
Hanseong Kingdom of Joseon
SpouseKing Jeongjo of Joseon
Posthumous name
HouseCheongpung Kim
FatherKim Si-Muk
MotherLady Hong of the Namyang Hong clan


The future Queen Hyoui was born on the thirteenth day of the twelfth lunar month in the twenty-ninth year of King Yeongjo's reign. She was the daughter of Kim Si-muk (Hangul: 김시묵, Hanja: 金時默) and his wife Lady Hong of the Namyang Hong clan (Hangul: 남양 홍씨, Hanja: 南陽 洪氏). She married Yi San, then known as the Royal Prince Successor Descendant, in 1762, on the tenth day of the second lunar month in the thirty-eighth year of King Yeongjo's reign. She became Queen Consort upon her husband's accession to the throne in 1776.

Queen Hyoui did not bear King Jeongjo any children, but she adopted the sons of two of her husband's concubines, Royal Noble Consort Ui and Royal Noble Consort Su, as her own. The son of Royal Noble Consort Ui died young, but the son of Royal Noble Consort Su would eventually succeed King Jeongjo on the throne as King Sunjo.

Queen Hyoui outlived her husband, who died in 1800, by 21 years. She died at Jagyeong Hall, Changgyeong Palace, Hanseong, on the ninth day of the third month in the twenty-first year of King Sunjo's reign.


  • Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather
    • Kim Yuk (Hangul: 김육, Hanja: 金堉) (1580 – September 1658)
  • Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandmother
    • Lady Yun of the Papyeong Yun clan (Hangul: 파평 윤씨, Hanja: 坡平 尹氏), daughter of Yun Geub-ui (Hangul: 윤급의)
  • Great-Great-Great-Grandfather
    • Kim U-myeong (Hangul: 김우명, Hanja: 金佑明) (1619–1675), formally Internal Prince Cheongpung (Hangul: 청풍부원군, Hanja: 淸風府院君)
  • Great-Great-Great-Grandmother
    • Lady Seong (Hangul: 송씨, Hanja: 宋氏), formally Internal Princess Consort Deokeun (Hangul: 덕은부부인, Hanja: 德恩府夫人)
  • Great-Great-Grandfather
    • Kim Seok-yeon (Hangul: 김석연, Hanja: 金錫衍) (1648–1723), younger brother of Queen Myeongseong (Queen Consort to King Hyeonjong
  • Great-Great-Grandmother
    • Lady Lee of the Jeonju Lee clan (Hangul: 전주 이씨, Hanja: 全州 李氏); sixth daughter of Yi Jeong-han (Hangul: 이정한, Hanja: 李挺漢) (25 September 1601 – 30 August 1671), a member of the Joseon royal family
  • Great-Grandfather
  • Grandfather
  • Father
    • Kim Si-muk (Hangul: 김시묵, Hanja: 金時默), formally Internal Prince Cheongwon (Hangul: 청원부원군, Hanja: 淸原府院君)
  • Mother
    • Lady Hong of the Namyang Hong clan (Hangul: 남양 홍씨, Hanja: 南陽 洪氏), Kim Si-muk's wife, formally Internal Princess Consort Dangseong (Hangul: 당성부부인, Hanja: 唐城府夫人)
  • Uncle
    • Kim Ji-muk (Hangul: 김지묵)
  • Cousin
  • Brothers

In popular cultureEdit

Preceded by
Queen Jeongsun
Queen consort of Korea
Succeeded by
Queen Sunwon