Namyang Hong clan

Namyang Hong clan (Korean남양 홍씨; Hanja南陽 洪氏) is one of the Korean clans. Their Bon-gwan is in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi, Gyeonggi Province. According to the research held in 2015, the number of Namyang Hong clan members was 487,488.

Namyang Hong clan
Current regionHwaseong, Gyeonggi
FounderHong Eun yeol [ja]
Connected membersHong Chi-jung
Hong Sook-ja
Hong Soo-hwan
Hong Beom-do
Namkoong Won

The Namyang Hong clan is divided into the Tang Hong and the To Hong lineages. Although they share the surname Hong and an ancestral seat in Hwaseong's Namyang-eup, and so are grouped together as the Namyang Hong clan, the two lineages do not share a common first ancestor and are not related.

Tang Hong lineageEdit

The Tang Hong lineage of the Namyang Hong clan claims as its progenitor Hong Cheon-ha, who was dispatched to Goguryeo as a scholar of the Tang dynasty and settled in the same place as a refugee because of upheaval in the Tang dynasty. The founder of this lineage was Hong Eun-yeol [ja], who it is claimed descended from Hong Cheon-ha.[1][2] This claim about Hong Eun-yeol's line of descent from Hong Cheon-ha has not been substantiated.

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