Prince Edward Island Route 1

Route 1 is a 120-kilometre (75 mi) long provincial highway that serves as the Prince Edward Island section of the Trans-Canada Highway. Route 1 traverses the southern shores of Prince Edward Island, from the Confederation Bridge in Borden-Carleton to the Wood Islands ferry dock. It is an uncontrolled access 2-lane highway with a maximum speed limit of 90 km/h (55 mph), except within some towns and the city of Charlottetown.

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Route 1
Trans-Canada Highway
Highway of Heroes[1]
Route 1 highlighted in red.
Route information
Length119.6 km[2] (74.3 mi)
Major junctions
West end To Route 16 (TCH) at the Confederation Bridge
  Route 1A in Albany
Route 2 in Charlottetown
East end To Hwy 106 (TCH) at the Wood Islands ferry dock
CountiesPrince, Queens
Major citiesCharlottetown
Highway system
Provincial highways in Prince Edward Island
Route 358Route 1A

Route descriptionEdit

Route 1 at the Hillsborough River Bridge

Route 1 serves several towns and communities along the southern shore of Prince Edward Island, as well as bypassing the provincial capital, Charlottetown. The route begins at the northern end of the Confederation Bridge, which crosses the Northumberland Strait to New Brunswick, where the highway becomes New Brunswick Route 16. Travelling eastward, a spur route, Route 1A, branches north towards Summerside. The highway continues meandering east through the communities of Crapaud and Bonshaw, and bypasses Clyde River and Cornwall before crossing the waterway dividing the North River and Graham Rogers Lake into Charlottetown.[2]

Within Charlottetown, Route 1 jogs north along Upton Road then east onto the Charlottetown Perimeter Highway and wraps around the city centre before turning and crossing the Hillsborough River on the Hillsborough River Bridge into Stratford. From there the route travels south near the shore of the Northumberland Strait to Wood Islands. Vehicles can continue via the Northumberland Ferries Limited ferry to Nova Scotia Highway 106 at Caribou, Nova Scotia.[2]


On May 17, 2010, construction began on upgrades to the Charlottetown Perimeter Highway.[3] This work was completed later that year on October 15.[4] Route 1 was then transferred from its old routing along University Avenue and Grafton Street onto the new highway.

A proposal to realign Route 1 through Strathgartney Provincial Park west of Charlottetown was met with significant public opposition in 2011.[5] Construction started on a revised route avoiding the park, dubbed Plan B by opponents, in October 2012. Environmentalists protesting at the work site caused construction to be halted for several days.[6] Darcie Lanthier, then interim leader of the P.E.I. Green Party, was arrested[7] and several protesters charged with trespassing before construction resumed. The realignment opened to traffic on September 23, 2013.[8] The protest group, which became known as Stop Plan B, monitored construction throughout the project and returned in October 2015 to plant trees along the new alignment.[9]

On September 6, 2016, construction began on the Cornwall Perimeter Highway, a new alignment bypassing the town of Cornwall to the north.[10][11] Construction was mostly complete and the new bypass opened to traffic on October 1, 2019.[12] Upon its opening, the former alignment was renumbered Route 27. The town plans to develop the former arterial highway into a commercial thoroughfare and community hub.[13]

Major intersectionsEdit

Northumberland Strait
(Abegweit Passage)
Confederation Bridge (toll leaving PEI)
  Route 16 (TCH) continues in New Brunswick
PrinceBorden-Carleton−0.7−0.43Toll booth (westbound only)
0.00.0Borden Avenue (west) / Dickie Road (east)West of this point the Confederation Bridge toll booths and approach ramps are under federal jurisdiction.
1.81.1  Route 10 – Bedeque, Cape Traverse
Albany6.03.7  Route 1A north – SummersideInterchange
North Tryon11.16.9  Route 115 (Mount Tryon Road) – Mount TryonIntersections offset; 35 m (115 ft) concurrency
12.57.8  Route 232 north (Branch Road)
Tryon13.98.6  Route 10 west – Augustine Cove
QueensCrapaud17.110.6   Route 13 north / Route 231 north – Cavendish
Hampton21.913.6  Route 116 (Shore Road / Sandy Point Road) – Victoria, South Melville
DeSable25.916.1   Route 19 south (Canoe Cove Road) / Route 246 north (South Melville Road) – Meadowbank, Stanchel
Green Road28.417.6  Route 237 north (Appin Road)
Strathgartney34.321.3  Route 245 north (Riverdale Road) – Riverdale, Emyvale
New Haven37.223.1  Route 9 north (Colville Road) – Elmwood, KingstonWest end of Route 9 concurrency
37.623.4  Route 9 south (West River Road) – St. Catherines, Long CreekEast end of Route 9 concurrency
Clyde River39.724.7    Route 27 east (Dog River Road) to Route 247 / Route 265 – Clyde River, CornwallInterchange, west end of Cornwall Perimeter Highway[11]
Cornwall45.128.0  To Route 19 / Cornwall Road – CornwallInterchange
47.329.4  Route 27 west (Main Street) – Cornwall
  Route 248 (Warren Grove Road / York Point Road) – Milton
Roundabout, east end of Cornwall Perimeter Highway[11]
North River Causeway crossing the North River and Graham Rogers Lake
Charlottetown49.130.5Upton Road / Maypoint Road / Capital DriveRoundabout; Route 1 branches north onto Upton Road
50.231.2Upton Road / Charlottetown Perimeter HighwayRoundabout; Route 1 branches east onto Charlottetown Perimeter Highway
52.032.3  Route 2 west (Malpeque Road) – Kensington, SummersideWest end of Route 2 concurrency
53.733.4   Route 15 north (Brackley Point Road) – Charlottetown Airport, Brackley Beach
55.234.3  Route 2 east (St. Peters Road) – Souris, Îles de la MadeleineEast end of Route 2 concurrency
59.136.7Grafton Street / Water StreetRoute 1 branches east onto Hillsborough Bridge
Hillsborough River Bridge crossing the Hillsborough River
Stratford61.138.0  Route 21 north (Hopeton Road) – Bunbury
63.139.2  Route 26 (Georgetown Road) – Tea Hill, Alexandria, PownalRoundabout
Mount Albion71.744.6  Route 5 east (48 Road) – Cardigan
Mount Mellick74.046.0   Route 26 west (Pownal Road) / Route 272 east (Village Green Road) – Pownal, Village Green
76.747.7  Route 3 east (Georgetown Road) – Georgetown
Cherry Valley78.448.7  Route 270 north (McInnis Point Road) – Earnscliffe, China Point
83.251.7  Route 212 north (Vernon River Road) / Scentia Road – Vernon River
Orwell86.553.7   Route 210 east (Kinross Road) to Route 23 south – Kinross, Montague, Uigg
92.057.2  Route 211 north (Newton Road) – Newton Cross
Eldon94.358.6  Route 207 south (Garfield Road)
96.560.0  Route 209 west (Point Prim Road) – Mount Buchanan, Point Prim
South Pinette103.364.2  Route 208 east (Roseberry Road) – Roseberry
Flat River107.566.8  Route 261 east (Camp Road)
Belle River110.368.5  Route 202 (Douses Road) – Iris, Stewart Point
110.968.9  Route 201 east (Greys Road) – Hopefield
115.171.5  Route 207 north (Stewart Road) – Melville
Wood Islands117.873.2  Route 315 north (Wood Islands Road) – Montague
118.073.3  Route 4 east (Shore Road) – Murray River, Murray Harbour
119.374.1  Wood Islands Ferry Terminal
Northumberland Strait  Northumberland Ferries Limited ferry to Caribou, Nova Scotia
  Hwy 106 (TCH) continues in Nova Scotia
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


Route map:

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