Porus (TV series)

Porus is a historical drama television series based on the Battle of the Hydaspes, visualizing the lives of Indian warrior and ruler Porus, King of the Pauravas and Alexander The Great, King of the Macedonian Empire. It premiered on 27 November 2017 on Sony TV. Its last episode was aired on 13 November 2018. Another historical drama Chandragupta Maurya replaced it with seamless continuity of story.

Porus Titlecard.png
Created bySiddharth Kumar Tewary
Screenplay bySiddharth Kumar Tewary
Story by
ComposersSangeet Haldipur
Siddharth Haldipur
Suryaraj Kamal
Lenin Nandi
Raju Singh
Country of originIndia
Original languageHindi
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes249
ProducersSiddharth Kumar Tewary
Rahul Kumar Tewary
Gayatri Gill Tewary
Production locationsThailand
Umargam, Gujarat
CinematographyKabir Lal
EditorsJanak Chauhan
Anil Vaishya
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time20-30 minutes
Production companyOne Life Studios
DistributorSwastik Productions[1]
Budget500 crore (US$70 million)
Original networkSony Entertainment Television
Picture format
Original release27 November 2017 (2017-11-27) –
13 November 2018 (2018-11-13)
Followed byChandragupta Maurya
Related showsSikander vs Porus (retitled version of Porus (TV series))
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The show is created by Siddharth Kumar Tewary of Swastik Productions.[2][3] It is the most expensive show on Indian television, having a budget of about INR 500 crores (roughly USD 70 million).[4] In Sri Lanka, it airs on Sirasa TV, dubbed into Sinhala under the name Digvijaya.[5] The rights to the drama have also been sold to Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam.[6] It is also dubbed in Tamil as Maaveeran which currently airs on Sun Life channel, Sun TV network from October 2018 onwards.The Malayalam version is titled Porus which currently airs on Surya TV from January 2019.

The show was relaunched on Dangal TV with a new title: Sikandar vs Porus[7]


Story of Purushottam/PorusEdit

The Paurava Kingdom and Takshashila are rival kingdoms. Soon, to take advantage of this enmity, Darius III of Persia arrives in India, in 370 BCE, initially to trade, but later conspires to destroy the royal family of the Pauravas. Paurava King Bamni marries the princess of Taxila, Anusuya. Darius' conspiracies, along with Takshashila King Ambhiraj, bear fruit and the pregnant Anusuya is forced to flee, wherein she gives birth to Purushottam, but he too is lost. The infant prince is saved by Ripudaman, a Paurava general, and is raised by him, along with his own son Hasti, in the Dasyu Kingdom (kingdom of outcast tribals).

Porus is soon reunited with his family when he grows up, but it is also revealed that Bamni married Kadika when Anusuya was lost, and has a son, Kanishk. Kanishk and Puru become rivals, and the former joins hands with Darius III to eliminate him. However, Puru foils Darius's plans, along with his friend Laachi (a Dasyu princess), and kicks the Persians out of India. Soon, Shivdutt (elder brother of Bamni) conspires with Kanishk and they try to kill him and fail every time, and soon, Porus is crowned as the king of the Pauravas, and he comes to know of the arrival of Alexander towards India.

Story of AlexanderEdit

Alexander is born as the son of Olympias and Zeus, however this fact is unknown and he is acknowledged as the son of Philip. Alexander grows up to be an ambitious, as well as respectful prince, and proves his skills in a battle. His half-brother Arrhideaus is made a mad person by Olympia. Philip marries Cleopatra Eurydice of Macedon, and denies Alexander the throne, saying that his and Cleopatra's son will be his successor. This leaves Alexander heartbroken and wants revenge. Cleopatra Eurydice gives birth to a daughter, and also Philip decides to wed his daughter Cleopatra of Macedon to Alexander I of Epirus. They wed, however Philip is soon assassinated by Pausanias on Alexander's command, making Alexander the new king. Olympias and Alexander also murder Cleopatra of Eurydice, her 2 infant children, Philinna and Attalus. Arrhideaus is left by Alexander to use him as a general.

Alexander soon becomes a ruthless ruler, conquering many kingdoms, including Persia. He also marries Roxana, a Bactrian princess and the daughter of Oxyartes, along with Barsine and Drypetis, daughters of Darius. He soon marches towards India, wherein he is received by Ambhiraj, who surrenders, and wants revenge from Porus. Alexander also befriends the Dasyu families, and also Kanishk to defeat Porus. Kanishk is killed in a heist, whereas the Dasyus, realising that they need to fight for their country, go with Porus.

Battle of the Hydaspes and aftermathEdit

The fierce battle ensues. The whole royal family of Pauravas fight, including a pregnant Lachi. The war goes on for days, in which , Queen Anusuya , Hasti and Bamni are killed. Porus also kills Ambhiraj as he was a traitor. Lachi has to back off due to pregnancy, but Porus stands till the end, and fights, defending his land.

Alexander, impressed by his bravery and skills, returns Porus his kingdom along with granting him more territory, and heads back towards Macedonia. The son of Porus, Malayketu, is born. Few years go by, and within this, Alexander stops in Babylon midway, and soon dies, making pregnant Roxanna a widow. Ambhikumar, soon launches a group attack with Eudumus, in which Porus and Lachi are killed. Porus sends his young son in a basket, in the Jhelum river, before dying.

Now the future of India lies in the hands of Chanakya.


The PauravasEdit

The GreeksEdit

The PersiansEdit

  • Praneet Bhat as Darius III, King of Persia, former trader, father of Barsine and Drypetis.
  • Chandan Dilawar as Muashiz, Darius' companion and assistant, Commander of the Persian army.
  • Vishal Patni as Farus, Muashiz's son, Commander of the Persian army.
  • Riyanka Chanda as Stateira I, former Queen of Persia, wife of Darius and mother of Barsine and Drypetis.
  • Shalini Sharma as Drypetis, Princess of Persia younger daughter of Darius.

The DasyusEdit





The show was hailed as 'visually captivating' by India Today.[37]

Pinkvilla called it the television version of the film Baahubali.[38]


Porus, being a finite series went off-air on 13 November 2018. Even before the end of the series, production house Swastik Pictures decided to tell the story of Chandragupta Maurya through a new show on Sony TV which replaced Porus and aired on the same time slot. Many key characters of Porus like Chanakya, Dhananand, Amatya Rakshas reprised their roles in the new show with the same actors portraying them. The new show Chandragupt Maurya was in seamless continuity with the ending of Porus. It went on-air on 14 November 2018 and off-air on 30 August 2019 after completing its story. Sourabh Raj Jain, who portrayed the character of Dhana Nanda in Porus reprised the role, but as the main antagonist of the show whereas Tarun Khanna reprised his role of Chanakya as an protagonist and Nimai Bali as Amatya Rakshas.[39]


Year Award Category Recipient Result
2018 Lions Gold Awards Favorite Actress of the Year (Critics)[40] Rati Pandey Won
Favorite Actor of the Year[40] Laksh Lalwani Won
2018 Asian Academy Creative Awards Best Telenova/Soap[41] One Life Studios Won
2018 Asian Academy Creative Awards Best VFX[41] One Life Studios Nominated
2018 Asian Academy Creative Awards Best Theme Song[41] Porus Nominated
2018 Indian Telly Technical Awards Best VFX[42] One Life Studios Won
2018 Indian Telly Technical Awards Best Costumes[42] Ketki Dalal Won
2018 Indian Telly Technical Awards Best Director[42] Siddharth Kumar Tewary Won
2018 Indian Telly Technical Awards Best Screenplay Writer[42] Siddharth Kumar Tewary, Medha Jadav Won
2018 Indian Telly Technical Awards Best Sound(Fiction)[42] Raghu Hegde Won
2019 Asian Television Awards Best Actor in a Leading Role[43] Laksh Lalwani Nominated
2019 Asian Television Awards Best Actor in a Supporting Role[43] Rohit Purohit Nominated
2019 Asian Television Awards Best Director[44] Siddharth Kumar Tewary Won

Global DistributionEdit

Porus is the first Global TV series of India. Produced by One Life Studios, Porus has been distributed to over 11 countries and 14 territories. One Life Studios has licensed Porus in Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Brunei, Laos, and Myanmar in a deal with JKN Global Media, and in Indonesia in a licensing deal with Soraya Intercine Films.[45] The show has also been sold to Thailand. It has been dubbed in Sinhala and launched as 'Digvijaya' in Sri Lanka.[46] It has been dubbed in Tamil and launched as 'Maveeran' in India.The show has been dubbed in English, Thai, Malay and Burmese.[47] Recently, Porus became the first Indian drama series to reach Japan. It has been launched on the digital platform Hulu.[48]

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