Chandragupta Maurya (2018 TV series)

Chandragupta Maurya was an Indian|historical]] television show that aired on Sony TV from 14 November 2018 to 30 August 2019. Show is being now re-telecasting on IN10 Media's new Hindi Entertainment Channel Ishara TV.[3] The show is based on the life of Chandragupta Maurya, the first Mauryan emperor and founder of the Maurya Empire.[4] The show is produced by Siddharth Kumar Tewary's One Life Studios.[5][6]

Chandragupta Maurya
Chandragupta Maurya (2018 TV series).png
Created bySiddharth Kumar Tewary
Screenplay byMedha Jadhav
Directed byJ.P. Sharma
Sumit Thakur
Creative directorsAmol Surve, Abhishek Sarkar
ComposersSangeet Haldipur
Siddharth Haldipur
Suryaraj Kamal
Lenin Nandi
Raju Singh
Country of originIndia
Original languageHindi
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes208
ProducersGayatri Gill Tewary
Rahul Kumar Tewary
Siddharth Kumar Tewary
Production locationsUmargam, Gujarat, India
EditorTarun Sunil Babbar
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time20-40 minutes
Production companyOne Life Studios
DistributorSwastik Productions[1]
Original networkSony Entertainment Television
Picture format
Original release14 November 2018 (2018-11-14) –
30 August 2019 (2019-08-30)[2]
Preceded byPorus

The show is a seamless continuation of One Life Studio's earlier show Porus.[7]


The show starts in 323 BCE, exactly after the deaths of the Paurava king Purushottam (nicknamed Puru, called Porus by foreigners) and the Macedonian emperor Alexander the Great. Alexander's general Seleucus Nicator is still in the India, having vassalised Ambhiraj (formerly Ambhikumar in the prequel Porus), the king of Takshashila and also captured the Paurava Kingdom after assassinating Puru. Chanakya, a Takshashilan Brahmin, scholar and the former prime minister of the Paurava Kingdom arrives in Magadha ruled by the unjust and cruel Nanda emperor Dhana Nanda. He seeks his help in overthrowing the Macedonians out of India and uniting the Mahajanapadas (Indian kingdoms). However, Dhana Nanda openly humiliates Chanakya in the court, mocking his dream of a united India and informs him that it was he who financially helped Seleucus assassinate Puru so that Seleucus will not attack Magadha. This prompts Chanakya to take a vow of eradicating the Nanda dynasty and putting a capable ruler on the throne of Magadha.

Chanakya finds Chandragupta (nicknamed Chandra), a slave who in reality is the crown prince of Piplivan, a kingdom which was destroyed by Dhana Nanda, and sees in him the talent to become a ruler. Meanwhile Dhana Nanda (unaware of Chandra's lineage), also recognises his aptitude and appoints him as the bodyguard of his beloved younger sister, Durdhara. Gradually, Durdhara develops a liking for Chandragupta. With the help of the former soldiers of Piplivan and the king of the janapada (Indian kingdom) Assaka, Vajrabahu, Chandra forms a small army. Chandragupta faces Dhana Nanda in a series of encounters and kills his elder brother Govishanka. However, due to the betrayal of Vajrabahu (who later loses both his life and kingdom to Dhana Nanda) he is eventually badly defeated and forced to flee from Magadha. Before being defeated, Chandra managed to inform Durdhara that her father Mahapadma Nanda was killed by Dhana Nanda as he did not want him to divide the Nanda Empire between his eight sons. This totally estranges her from Dhana Nanda. Chandra and Chanakya arrive in Takshashila to seek the help of Seleucus. However, Ambhiraj manipulates Seleucus against them and they are thrown into a pit.

5 years laterEdit

To prove to Durdhara that he is a worthy successor to his father, Dhana Nanda conquers 13 Mahajanapadas, and now turns towards the last remaining janapada, Takshashila, the trickiest of them all. Chandra comes out of the pit, along with Chanakya and other people who had been trapped in the pit earlier, including Purushottam's son Malayketu. Dhana Nanda faces the combined Macedonian and Takshashilan armies in an indecisive battle but eventually a peace treaty is signed according to which Dhana Nanda is promised the Paurava Kingdom. With the help of Chanakya and Malayketu, Chandra unites the Macedonian and Paurava armies which defeat the Magadhan and Takshashilan armies, killing Ambhiraj and forcing Dhana Nanda to flee to Magadha. Later he uses the now kingless Takshashilan and Paurava army to force Seleucus to retreat as well, thus capturing Takshashila and the Paurava Kingdom (where Malayketu is enthroned). Durdhara and Chandra fall in love with each other and later marry.

Chandra faces Dhana Nanda (and later Seleucus who re-allies with Dhana Nanda to take revenge from Chandragupta) in a series of confrontations and eventually manages to kill Dhana Nanda and his remaining brothers (none of which had any heir including Govishanka). Seleucus is captured but later freed on the condition that his daughter Helena would marry Chandra and he would return all the wealth he stole from India. On the other hand, Chandra also faces heavy losses, with Malayketu (who passed on his kingdom to Chandra) being killed and Durdhara, who before dying gave birth to Chandra's son and successor, Bindusara after being mistakenly poisoned by her own brother, Dhana Nanda. Soon after, Chandra eventually fulfils Chanakya's vow of eradicating the Nandas following the death of Dhana Nanda - establishing himself as the first emperor of the Maurya Empire. Dhana Nanda's former prime minister, the Brahmin Rakshasa is spared by Chandra due to the immense knowledge he possesses, and he becomes his prime minister while Chanakya goes on to finish his treatise Arthashastra.


  • Faisal Khan[8][9] as Chandragupta Maurya (nicknamed Chandra): Chandravardhan and Mura's son, Durdhara's husband, Bindusara's father. Crown prince and later King of Piplivan, first Emperor of the Mauryan Empire. After Dhana Nanda invaded Piplivan, he was sent to his maternal uncle for his safety. Later, he was sold as a slave. In his youth, his leadership skills were noted by Chanakya who made him his student, while Dhana Nanda was also impressed by him and made him his sister Durdhara's bodyguard. Initially, Chandragupta was not interested in Chanakya's dream of a united India and wished to remain loyal to Dhana Nanda. However, after learning about Piplivan's history, he wholeheartedly supported Chanakya. After forming an army from the former soldiers of Piplivan, he rebelled against Dhana Nanda, giving him a tough fight but was defeated and forced to flee to Takshashila. There, he was thrown into a pit by Alexander's former general Seleucus and his vassal, the Takshashilan King Ambhiraj who were jealous of his successes. Five years later, he managed to escape the pit and with the help of Chanakya and the late Paurava King Porus' son Malayketu, killed Ambhiraj and forced Seleucus to flee, thus occupying Takshashila and the Paurava Kingdom. Then, he returned to Magadha and restarted his rebellion against Dhana Nanda. After a long and bloody war, he finally dethroned and killed Dhana Nanda, becoming the first emperor of the Mauryan Empire. Based on Chandragupta Maurya.
  • Tarun Khanna as Vishnugupta Chanakya (alias Kautilya): A Brahmin scholar from Takshashila and the former Prime Minister of the Paurava Kingdom. Chandragupta's mentor and right-hand man. Before his death, Porus had passed his dream of a united India to Chanakya. To fulfill this dream, Chanakya attempted to enlist the help of Dhana Nanda, the most powerful ruler of the era. However, Dhana Nanda rebuked Chanakya, informing him that he was behind Porus' death. This made Chanakya take a vow that he would not tie his shikha (a lock of hair Brahmins have on their otherwise shaven head) until he eradicated the Nanda Dynasty and installed a worthy ruler on the throne of Magadha. He later finds Chandragupta, a talented young lad who has the capability to become a leader and trains him. Though the impulsive Chandragupta does not like the gruelling training Chanakya puts him through, eventually he comes to respect him and accepts him as his mentor. Chanakya is Chandragupta's main support in the rebellion against Dhana Nanda. Despite being a Brahmin, he showcases himself to be a great warrior in the rebellion. He accompanies Chandragupta to Takshashila and spends 5 years in the pit with him. After Chandragupta finally gains the throne of Magadha, Chanakya decides to focus on finishing his treatise Arthshastra. Based on Chanakya.
  • Saurabh Raj Jain as Dhana Nanda:[13][14] The second youngest of the Nanda siblings, son of Mahapadma Nanda, elder brother of Durdhara, Tarini's husband and brother-in-law of Chandragupta. As he was from a low caste (shudra), which conventionally did not become rulers, he had an immense hatred for the Kshatriyas (a high caste), most of whom were from ruling families. He was responsible for the deaths of the Kshatriya kings Chandravardhan Maurya and Porus and later killed his own father after the latter wanted to divide the Nanda Empire between his eight sons. He was highly self-conceited and arrogant and had no interest in Chanakya's dream of a united India, thinking solely about his own prestige. After Chanakya openly threatened him, he unsuccessfully tried to capture him. Oblivious of Chandragupta's heritage, Dhana Nanda was impressed by his talent and made him the bodyguard of his younger sister Durdhara, the only person he had genuine love for. After discovering Chandragupta's truth, Dhana Nanda tried his best to quell his rebellion and managed to defeat him. However, Chandragupta and Chanakya managed to escape. Durdhara, who had learnt from Chandragupta that Dhana Nanda killed their father became totally estranged for him. To prove to Durdhara that he is a worthy ruler, Dhana Nanda conquers 13 mahajanapadas and then tried to attack Takshashila. However, Chandragupta forced him to retreat. Chandragupta later sends Dhana Nanda's former lover, Tarini to spy on him. Oblivious to her truth, Dhana Nanda is happy to reunite with her and marries her. After Chandragupta restarts his rebellion, Dhana Nanda gives him a tough fight, killing Mura, Tarini, Malayketu, Sthoolbhadhra and unintentionally Durdhara. Unbeknownst to him, he also kills his unborn child when he kills Tarini. Following his death at the hands of Chandragupta, the Nanda Dynasty is finished and Chanakya's vow is fulfilled. Based on Dhana Nanda.
  • Aditi Sanwal as Durdhara: The youngest Nanda sibling, daughter of Mahapadma Nanda, younger sister of Dhana Nanda, Chandragupta's wife and Bindusara's mother. Initially she was very arrogant and condescending towards Chandragupta, whom she considered an ordinary slave. However, Chandragupta's bravery, talent and morals impressed her and gradually she began to develop feelings for him. She was briefly kidnapped by Chandragupta during his revolt. During her captivity, she learnt that Dhana Nanda had killed her father, which totally estranged her from Dhana Nanda. She was devastated when Dhana Nanda defeated Chandragupta and the latter was presumed dead. Thenceforth, she did everything she could to hurt Dhana Nanda, but he could never bring himself to punish his beloved sister. After Dhana Nanda made a truce with Seleucus and Ambhiraj at Takshashila, she was betrothed to Ambhiraj's son Ambhikumar. However, she reunited with Chandragupta, and helped him capture Takshashila and the Paurava Kingdom. She was a major help to Chandragupta in his renewed revolt. Despite losing 6 brothers (who supported Dhana Nanda) in this war, she remained a staunch supporter of Chandragupta. After Chandragupta became the first Mauryan Emperor and exiled Dhana Nanda, Dhana Nanda attempted to poison Chandragupta. However, Durdhara accidentally ate the poisonous food. As she was pregnant, to prevent the poison reaching the baby, Chanakya performed a Caesarean section, rescuing Bindusara, though Durdhara passed away. Her death caused great anguish to both Chandragupta and Dhana Nanda. Based on Durdhara.
  • Sneha Wagh as Moora, former queen of Piplivan, Chandragupta's mother.[15][16]
  • Nimai Bali as Rakshasa, Prime Minister of the Nanda Empire and later the Maurya Empire.
  • Dinesh Mehta as Panduka, Dhana Nanda's elder brother, prince, Minister of Finance and former king of Magadha.
  • Vinit Kakar as Kaivarta, Dhana Nanda's elder brother, prince, commander-in-chief and former king of Magadha.[17]
  • Munendra Singh Kushwah as Pandugati, Dhana Nanda's elder brother, prince, in-charge of the armoury, and formerly in-charge of the kitchen and king of Magadha.
  • Raman Thukral as Malayketu, the son of the Paurava King Purushottam and Queen Laachhi, long-lost crown prince and later king of the Paurava Kingdom.
  • Unknown as Rudradev Singh, the commander-in-chief and governor of Paurava Kingdom
  • Pragati Mehra as Dai Maa, Dhana Nanda and his siblings' foster mother, Bhadrasaal and Shipra's mother.
  • Sujeet Kumar as Bhairava, main student of Chanakya.
  • Vishal Nayak as Chandravardhan Maurya, former king of Piplivan, Chandragupta's father.
  • Vikas Verma/Gaurav Khanna as Seleucus I Nicator, Alexander the Great's former General, first emperor of the Seleucid Empire.
  • Kaivalya Chaddha as Sthoolbhadra (nicknamed Sthool), close friend, aide and general of Chandragupta.
    • Shayank Shukla as young Sthoolbhadra.
  • Barkha Sengupta as Tarini, Dhana Nanda's love interest, wife and empress of Magadha.[18][19]
  • Kamaljeet Rana as Bhadrasaal, commander-in-chief of the Magadha army, brother of Shipra and foster-brother of Dhana Nanda and his siblings.
  • Atharv Padhye as Dhoomketu, close friend and aide of Chandragupta.
  • Harsh Mehta as Indrajanik, close friend and aide of Chandragupta.
  • Ankur Nayyar as Ambhiraj, king of Takshashila.
  • Rohit Chandel as Ambhikumar, Ambhiraj's son, crown prince of Takshashila.
  • Vivek Vallah as the royal priest of the Paurava Kingdom.
  • Brownie Parashar as Mahapadma Nanda, former emperor of Magadha, father of Dhana Nanda, Durdhara and their 7 elder brothers.
  • Sumbul Touqueer as Shubhada, Sukhdev's daughter and Chandragupta's friend.
  • Abhilash Chaudhary as Agnimukh, an expert swordsman, former soldier and later general of the Piplivan Army.
  • Devesh Sharma as Martand, son and heir of Jagat Jala, the governor of Paraspura, a friend of Chandragupta.
  • Yogesh Mahajan as Durgam Daga, younger brother of Jagat Jala.
  • Raj Routh as Writer Megasthenes
  • Pooja Sharma as River Jhelum, the narrator.
  • Laksh Lalwani as Purushottam (nicknamed Puru, called Porus by foreigners), former king of the Pauravas, Malayketu's father. (Shown in trailer and flashbacks only, mentioned)
  • Aditya Redij as Bamni, former king of the Pauravas, Porus' father and Malayketu's grandfather. (Shown in flashback only)
  • Rati Pandey as Anusuya, former queen of the Pauravas, Porus' mother and Malayketu's grandmother. (Shown in flashback only)


The show was largely well received. Writing for Zoom, Anusha Iyengar praised Sourabh Raj Jain's portrayal of Dhana Nanda and, based on the first episode, wrote, "Chandragupta Maurya enjoys a good narration and a brilliant set design. The visuals are appealing and dialogues are even better."[20] However, Anil Merani for IWM Buzz pointed out that the makers had added lot of fiction to history, for there is no record to the link of Porus, Chanakya and Magadh.[21]


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